Revamping Your Bathroom: The Importance of Good Design

Revamping Your Bathroom: The Importance of Good Design

Whether unwinding with a face mask or soaking in a claw-foot tub, your bathroom should be a peaceful oasis. Revamping it doesn’t have to mean a complete remodel, however.

Changes that don’t require a hammer include a fresh coat of paint, peel-and-stick wallpaper, and refinishing taps in a modern finish. You can also add a pop of color with a shower curtain or bath mats.


Regarding bathroom wall paint, your color choice can make the room feel luxurious or drab. It can also say a lot about your style. Choose a color that promotes calmness or warmth, and avoid trendy colors.

It would help if you also considered the finish of your paint. Matte finishes are well-suited to hide flaws on your walls, but they can be challenging to clean. Gloss paint, however, resists moisture and can easily be wiped down.

Replace existing trim for a bathroom renovation that is also simple. You have two options for replacing the existing molding: install new molding that matches it, or hire a carpenter to make unique trim pieces for the renovation. The outcome will be a more polished, businesslike appearance.


Tiles are a must-have for bathroom remodeling, as they hold up well to a sudsy environment and are easy to clean. They also conduct heat well and pair nicely with radiant heating systems. Plus, tiles come in various colors and textures, offering significant creative wiggle room for the remodeler.

A bathroom’s tile selection can make or break the style of the room. For example, a rough textured tile in a pristine bathroom can create a unique and eye-catching space.

Tiles are also available in various formats, from herringbone to offset to stacked and mosaic. This allows homeowners to create multiple patterns, adding character to the room and leveling the floor before tiling is essential, as dips can ruin the room’s look and provide hiding spots for mildew and mold.


Nothing ruins the look of a beautiful bathroom like clutter, so built-in storage is vital to any design. Floating shelves, drawer dividers, clear jars, bins, and baskets are excellent storage solutions for organizing towels, toiletries, and other items.

Aside from shelving, adding a small wall niche provides a space to store decorative items that add visual interest. These can be framed with a tile or backed with fabric for a more stylish effect.

Refresh any bath without ever picking up a hammer by updating soft surfaces. New window treatments, rugs, and shower curtains can brighten up a room in a snap. Also, swapping out old cabinet hardware for something more modern can make a big difference. Be sure to add accessible outlets, too.


One of the most crucial elements of bathroom design is lighting. It sets a tone and impacts how you use the area all day. Having the ideal balance of ambient, task, and decorative lighting is critical.

Aim for light when doing cosmetics or getting dressed in the morning, but have dimmers available for swimming and resting in the evening. As your demands change during the day, you want to be able to alter the illumination.

A fast and inexpensive method to update your bathroom is to replace the taps, mirrors, and cabinet doors. This can immediately transform your bathroom’s appearance for a fraction of the price of a complete remodel. Another inexpensive choice for achieving a beautiful finish is to lay tile.


Changing a living room or bedroom by the switch is easy, using textiles and accessories. But updating the bathroom requires more work and can be more expensive than changing out a lampshade or adding a few new pillows.

Plants are a great way to bring natural beauty into the bathroom, and they help improve air quality. Besides, they make the space feel more relaxing and comfortable.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can display plants on a windowsill or shelf (air-cleaning species like snake plants are good options) or hang a trailing plant such as pothos in the corner of the room.

Changing the hardware on your sink and faucet is another affordable way to revamp the room. And if you need more time to be ready to invest in a whole new set of fixtures, try painting the current ones with rust-resistant paint.

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