4 Tips for Choosing the Right Swimming Pool for Your Family

Do you have kids who love to swim, but unsure what pool to own yourself? Check out this guide on choosing the right swimming pool for your family.

With more than 10 million residential swimming pools in the United States, it’s safe to say that swimming is one of the country’s most popular leisure pursuits. There are a host of great benefits to owning a swimming pool. Going for a swim is an excellent form of exercise and helps to reduce stress, while you have the added privacy and comfort provided by a residential pool.

If you are considering adding a residential swimming pool, there are a number of important factors to consider. These include choosing the most suitable size and shape, while also thinking about any additional features you may wish to include.

1. Decide on the Size

We would all like an Olympic size swimming pool in our back garden. However, the most practical swimming pool size for your property depends on a number of factors. These include:

  • The available space on your property
  • How many people will be using the pool
  • Your available construction budget

Be conscious of the amount of garden/patio space you will be left with once your pool has been installed. There should be a good balance between the size of the pool and the surrounding space. Click here to learn about the best swimming pool size for family.

2. Decide On the Shape

Not every swimming pool has to be rectangular, though this is the most popular shape. You can choose a swimming pool shape that matches your available space and style preferences.

Square and round swimming pools are popular, as are more irregular-shaped pools that allow for personal creativity. Speak to the building contractor about your swimming pool vision.

3. Figure Out Its Purpose

In other words, who will be using the pool? If there will be children regularly using it, it’s a good idea to consider adding a shallow end. If you plan to use it for swimming lengths, then that would have a bearing on the depth, size, and shape of the pool.

Whether it’s for everyday practical use or for occasional parties, think about what purpose you want your swimming pool to serve.

4. Think About Additional Features

Additional features can be added to improve the aesthetics of the swimming pool and to make it more fun. For instance, a diving board is a great addition should your pool have the necessary depth and size.

Other features to consider include lighting systems, waterfalls, basketball hoops, and volleyball nets. Your imagination is your only limitation here.

Time for a Swim: Tips for Your Pool

The above tips will help you to choose the perfect swim pool for your family. Swimming pools are a great long-term investment that can add value to a property and make hosting parties a whole lot more fun.

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