The Complete Guide on How to Modernize a Split Level Home Exterior

There are several ways you can transform the outside of your house. Here are some tips on how to modernize a split level home exterior.

One of the most stressful times of your life is home buying because it represents a large amount of your financial future. After you find a home, it’s time to make it your own with renovations. An exciting and fulfilling project is modernizing a split level home exterior.

The split level home design is popular in the US. With sloped exterior walls, split levels are a charming home design. Are you ready to modernize your split level home?

Read this guide for how to modernize a split level home exterior. Let’s begin!

Refresh Your Curb Appeal With Classic Touches of Appliances

Modernizing an exterior of a house to refresh its curb appeal starts with small classic touches. Add a few new appliances to the outside of the house, such as:

  • Fresh chimney
  • Shutters
  • Garden light
  • New mailbox

Even the smallest touches can make a huge difference in a home’s look and feel. Add architectural elements such as outdoor trim and decorative shutters to give a fresh, contemporary look.

Consider installing stone or brick accents to improve its character and style, then add planters filled with colorful fresh flowers to add extra curb appeal.

A fresh coat of paint on outdoor furniture and a newly installed porch bench or swing can finish off the look. With just a few classic touches, you can make your split-level home a modern, vintage-inspired showstopper.

Maximizing Lightings

Consider installing outdoor wall lights to create a unique and inviting ambiance; they will illuminate walls, steps, and pathways and bring a sense of warmth and security.

Try adding some recessed lighting fixtures or wall sconces. These will help add a subtle warm glow that will enhance any outdoor space. You could also install spotlights along walkways, in gardens, and in other areas for nighttime visibility.

Lastly, adding awnings or overhangs can create some dramatic lighting effects and can supercharge the look of your home. With these home improvement tips, you can create a modern, warm, and inviting space for yourself, your family, and your guests.

Maximizing Airflow for Mid-Century Charm

Ideally, modernizing a split-level home exterior to maximize airflow for mid-century charm begins with assessing the existing features of the house.

The first step is to take a look at how the house is situated in relation to the sun and natural airflow. Does the home receive direct sunlight for much of the day? Is it inconveniently close to other houses, preventing natural air flow, or is it located on a hillside that facilitates natural airflow?

Once the current conditions are determined, the homeowner can modify the home to optimize airflow without sacrificing the mid-century charm of the house. Explore new windows and other areas of the home that can be opened up to create a more modern appearance while allowing for maximum airflow.

Consider replacing siding with stucco and wood and adding outdoor living spaces with landscaped terraces. The result will be an updated mid-century-style home with excellent airflow.

If your budget allows, install glass walls and sections to take advantage of the natural bold and distinctive lines that they create.

Utilizing Sleek Balcony Area

Utilizing a sleek balcony area is a great makeover approach, adding an elegant touch to the overall design. To begin, inspect the area for any existing damage and repair where needed. 

Consider adding some wrought iron accents like railings and a trellis to give the space a nice finish while making sure to keep them in proportion with each other.

Place tall plants on the inside of the balcony to create a green and natural ambiance while adding splashes of color. Mantels are a great way to fill the dead space while adding charm to the outdoors.

Hang outdoor wall lanterns to emphasize the interior’s decor and to illuminate the exterior.

Create Seating Areas

Creating seating areas doesn’t have to be a hassle. First, think about the materials you’d like to use. While cedar and other types of wood are always popular, stone or brick may be a better choice for a split-level home.

Next, think about adding various seating areas, such as benches, seating walls, and outdoor chairs. Make sure to place the seating areas close to other aspects of the landscape, like trees and plants.

This adds to the cozy atmosphere. Finally, adding modern lighting can give the home a modern feel. 

Adding New Garage Door

Adding a new garage door can be an easy and inexpensive way to modernize the exterior of a split level home. Begin with choosing the garage door style, whether it be classic and traditional, contemporary or rustic style.

Choosing the paint color and material type will depend upon the style chosen and personal preference. Consider a high-end, insulated garage door with windows and modern hardware.

Finally, consider a stone veneer above the door and around the entry, as well as address numbers. Installing a new garage door is an easy way to bring a modernized curb appeal that will last for years.

Making an Impact With Colorful Exterior Updates

Making an impact with colorful exterior updates is a great way to modernize a split-level home exterior. To begin, hire professional exterior painters to help you choose a bright color scheme inspired by nature.

Consider colors like teal, green or bright shades of blue for an instant transformation. Create a unique focal point with an attention-grabbing accent wall in a statement color. Paint the front door in a coordinating hue for a complete feel.

Then, bring in additional colors with shutters, planters, or window frames in complementary colors. To add texture and warmth, consider installing wooden shutters.

To add some outdoor décor, consider installing a new doormat and entryway lanterns in colorful shades. 

A Guide on How to Modernize a Split Level Home Exterior

Knowing how to modernize a split level home exterior can be achieved with planning and creativity. Take note of these helpful tips, and you can create the home of your dreams.

You now have the know-how to begin your own home renovation project. So get out there and get started on making your home the most stylish on the block!

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