Techniques and Advice to Keep Your Dog Fit and Healthy

Techniques and Advice to Keep Your Dog Fit and Healthy

Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or a veteran dog parent, looking after the health and well-being of your pet should be top of your list of priorities. Owning a dog can bring unbridled joy and a sense of companionship and love that is hard to find in almost any other animal. However, with these gifts comes a responsibility to ensure their safety, well-being, and happiness.

Sensible Tips to Make Sure Your Dog Is Well Looked After

Just like any other animal, dogs are susceptible to disease and ill-health but maintaining a proper care regime and being aware of potential problems will help you (and your canine friend) stay one step ahead and let you both enjoy a long and fruitful relationship. Below are some sensible tips.

Dogs Need Regular Exercise

No matter the size or breed, all dogs need regular exercise to remain healthy and avoid putting on excess weight. Walking, running, and playing with your pet in a park or just your garden is a great way to keep them both mentally and physically active while also improving their cardio health and maintaining a healthy build and weight.

Remember, Prevention Is Always the Best Cure

Preventative care for dogs is essential to keep them safe from parasites and common complaints. You should ensure your dog is always kept up to date with vaccinations and has regular health check-ups, including checking for fleas and ticks, etc. You should also educate yourself on common health problems or dangers that face dogs. For example, understanding parvovirus in dogs, so you can recognize potential danger signs and avoid issues becoming worse.

Bear in Mind Your Responsibility to Provide Your Dog with a Balanced Diet

Sure, most dogs will jump at the chance for treats from the table or other little titbits but you have a responsibility to your pet to ensure it’s receiving a fully balanced diet – one that’s suitable for its age, size, breed, and any specific dietary requirements he/she might have. If you’re unsure of these essential details, check online or seek the advice of a qualified professional vet that will be able to advise on you what you should be feeding your pet (not to mention, how much).

Become Your Dog’s Dentist

Regularly brushing your dog’s teeth will help maintain good oral hygiene, which, in turn, will reduce the chances of other far more complex health issues developing from poor dental care. You should also provide dental chews or toys that will help clean your pet’s teeth.

The Importance of Mental Stimulation and Play Time

Most breeds of dogs are naturally inquisitive and like nothing more than interaction, toys, puzzles, and perfuming training exercises (which also makes them more obedient and easier to look after). By playing with your dog or posing puzzles and games, you’ll increase its cognitive abilities while also helping develop its personality and mitigating the chances of destructive or disruptive behavior. Playtime and interaction also help eliminate boredom in these incredibly social creatures.

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