Should You Consider Having Ultherapy Skin Tightening Treatment?

You may have heard about Ultherapy skin tightening treatments reading about how a celebrity has had it and now looks years younger, or perhaps a friend has had the treatments and looks amazing afterward.  So what do you need to know about Ultherapy?

What to Know About Ultherapy Skin Tightening?

Ultherapy is an FDA approved non-surgical and non-invasive treatment to reduce wrinkles and excess skin on your face, neck and chest.  It uses sound waves, ultrasound, to target the deep layers of tissue underneath the skin.  The sound energy is deposited at targeted tissues using ultrasound imaging.  The tissues over the course of the weeks following the procedure are revitalized, renewing themselves naturally, so that the skin surface layers will tone, tighten and lift to make you look younger and revitalized.

Other non-surgical procedures can’t reach as deep as Ultherapy to the tissues below the skin so can’t have as profound an effect on your skin.  The ultrasound waves stimulate collagen production at the skin’s foundation, prompting your body to create new tissue.  The results are seen over two to three months as the tissue renews.

A Ultherapy treatment can take from sixty to ninety minutes to be completed as the ultrasound waves have to be targeted at each area for a period of time to get them to the optimal temperature for the collagen process to be prompted.

Some wonder if Ultherapy can replace a surgical face lift.  Well the answer to that is no, as a surgical facelift can have a more dramatic effect on your face, and of course should last longer.  Ultherapy is effective but of course can only last for six to nine months until the body’s natural ageing process takes over again.  You can of course have reapplication of Ultherapy on a regular basis to prolong its effects.

You may wonder if the Ultherapy treatment is painful or not, well that can depend on you.  Some people find the sensation of the Ultherapy uncomfortable as the energy is being deposited, and may feel some pain.  However for some patients they don’t feel any pain or discomfort.  Pain killers or local anesthetic can be applied for the duration of the treatment if you wish, which will also allow you to relax which will mean less discomfort in general during the procedure.

Following Ultherapy you may notice some minor swelling, tenderness, tingling, tightness or bruising but these shouldn’t last long and within days you will feel like yourself again.  The results will steadily become visible up to sixty to ninety days when they will be in full effect and you will feel considerably younger when you look in the mirror.  Its worth taking before and after photos so you can see the transformation, as the process is gradual.

So if you suffer from sagging skin, deep line son your face and others signs of ageing on your neck, chin, or perhaps chest, then Ultherapy could be a great option for you to reverse these signs of ageing.

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