How to Select Development Land For Sale

Making a huge purchase like land is never easy. Come find out how to choose the right land to develop for you.

It can be difficult at times to find development land for sale because there aren’t many realtors who specialize in land, or even just commercial properties, and so if you speak to one realtor about what land they have available you would be lucky if they just had a small handful of land lots for sale.  So where can you find development land for sale more easily?  And when you do have a few land lots to pick from what will help you make your decision about which is the best piece of land for you and your development requirements?

Where to Find Development Land For Sale

Well you could drive round looking for sale signs, call up all the local realtors, ask around in the neighborhoods if anyone knows anyone who is selling any land.  But that would take a lot of time and effort and would still on cover a small area.  If you want as much choice as possible then visit a large land broker website, where they list all of the development land being sold through hundreds of realtors throughout the country.  You may not have thought of looking beyond your own town or county, but often there are great deals to be made in some areas of the country where your investment fund will stretch a lot further.

Now you’ve got several choices of land to pick from, how will you choose between them?  What criteria is important?

What to Look Out For When Selecting Land For Sale?

First of all you need to consider what your exact requirements are for the piece of land.  Because as you look through what’s available you will find that the price raises considerably with certain factors.  If you want land with a nice view, or you want one that already has buildings on it, or is close to the freeway, or is in a city center, then you will probably find a premium price on these lots.  So bear this in mind, do you actually need to be so close to the freeway, do you have to be in the city center, can you develop land that doesn’t already have buildings on it once you get the right permissions.

Other Considerations

If you want to turn around your land investment quickly a business that will start to generate income then yes you probably want land that already has buildings on it that can be refurbished or extended.  Or perhaps there’s already a business operating from the premises that you can take over until you can afford to do what you want to with the land.

Also consider access and utilities, some of the cheapest land available looks amazing as first glance, but then on considering it further you will realize that there is no access road throughout the property, electricity and telephone are not connected to the property, and you can forget cell coverage, water supply and any other conveniences.

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