Why Aged Care Facilities Are the New Normal in Australia

Why Aged Care Facilities Are the New Normal in Australia

The Australian aged care industry is booming, with more people than ever needing to rely on the services of a senior care home. In the last century, the number of people over 65 increased by 11.6%. This fact is according to the data provided by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, and they also observed that over 1 million people used aged care services between 2019 and 2020.

Hence, the popularity of aged care homes is no surprise. In this article, we shall discuss other factors contributing to the popularity of aged care facilities. Enjoy!

Amenities and activities

Physical activity and exercise are essential for the well-being of the elderly. These activities can help to reduce boredom, stress, and anxiety, improve social engagement and reduce isolation.

Respite care centres in Australia offer a range of amenities that suit this need, including:

  • Recreation rooms with a pool table, table tennis, or billiards;
  • Wellness rooms that include a sauna and steam room;
  • Arts & crafts activities such as dance classes or painting sessions;
  • Sports facilities such as gymnasiums etc.

Food and Nutrition

Aged care facilities are not just about ensuring that their residents are safe and secure; they also need access to nutritious food, which can be challenging in the aged care process.

There are many reasons why healthy food is vital for senior citizens: it helps them maintain their physical health and mental well-being; it prevents disease; it improves their quality of life by giving them more energy and enthusiasm. It also helps to avoid boredom as people live longer lives than ever before, so there’s no point living alone without company (if you’re single).

Staffing and Care

Another pertinent reason for the rising popularity of retirement communities is the availability of staff responsible for caring for the residents. They work to meet the needs of the resident elderly and keep them away from danger and injury.

Staffing ratios are a critical factor in the quality of care provided to residents. They’re set by the government and vary from state to state but typically range from one staff member for every four residents (the national average) to two staff members for every five residents (in some states).

Staffing levels are another way to tell how many people are providing care at any given time at your chosen facility. Low staffing levels mean there’s only one person taking care of several people, while high staffing means more than enough hands on deck.

Clinical Care

The clinical staff is the heart of centres for age care in Brisbane, providing residents with a sense of security and stability. They’re responsible for helping with personal care needs, administering medication, and ensuring residents have access to appropriate equipment, such as wheelchairs. 

A retirement village also provides nursing support through nursing services at the facility or through referrals made by family members who live nearby. They also have staff members who assist with personal hygiene tasks such as bathing and dressing and give emotional support when needed (e.g., through counselling).


It’s important to note that there are many benefits associated with living in an aged care home. It permits better and healthier living, but the most significant advantage of life in aged care facilities is that the residents leave behind the worries and concerns of daily life.

If you are interested in checking out centres for aged care near you, visit a directory to find reputable centres. When you find one that appeals to you, check out their website. Good luck.

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