What Type of Water Should You Cook With?

Even the most experienced cooks may overlook their choice of cooking water. But your water plays a major role in your health and the quality of your food.

Did you know that millions of bacteria can be found in your home’s tap water supply? Most of these bacteria are harmless, however, some can be life-threatening.

Are you curious about what type of cooking water you should use for your everyday meals? Tap water could be an option. Read our article to learn all about what type of water you should cook with!

Should You Use Tap Water for Cooking?

Generations of humans have used tap water for cooking all around the globe. However, that does not mean all tap water is safe to use as a water source for cooking food.

Should you use tap water for cooking? It depends on what kind of tap water your house has access to and what kind of food you are cooking.

If you live near a freshwater source then the best option is for you to use freshwater. Most of us, however, are not that lucky.

Tap water is the next best thing for those who live in urban areas. Look into what your community’s water regulations are to determine if your tap water is safe to drink and use for cooking.

When Cooking With Filtered Water Is Mandatory

Filtered water is always a good idea to use when rinsing fresh produce like fruits and vegetables.

It is recommended to use filtered water when you are not going to use heat to cook your produce. Raw produce can easily absorb any bacteria in the water so be sure to use clean water!

It is also mandatory to use filtered water when adding water to baby formula. Babies are still developing their immune systems so their water must always be filtered. 

The Best Water to Cook With for Everyday Cooking

If you plan on using tap water to cook your food then consider installing a water filtration system into your faucet. 

Reverse osmosis is a popular water filtration system that homeowners install into their faucets. The Watt filter is another great option to get clean filtered water.

If you plan on using unfiltered water for everyday cooking the consider boiling it before you use it. However, water that is boiled during the process (like rice and pasta) is also safe to consume!

Cooking Food With Tap Water in 2021

2021 has seen a shift in lifestyles all around the world. More people are staying home which means more water is being used.

Cooking with tap water has been a popular subject in the mind of conscious consumers due to the growing health crisis.

Do you not have a water filtration system installed in your home? Do not worry, accessing filtered water does not have to be stressful or complicated.

Are You Using the Right Cooking Water?

Now you know all about what type of cooking water should be used for your everyday meals. What water filtration system will you try first? 

Remember to always use fresh or filtered water when washing your produce or preparing infant formula.

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