5 Common Refrigerator Purchasing Errors and How to Avoid Them

Finding the right refrigerator for your needs requires knowing what not to do. Here are common refrigerator purchasing errors and how to avoid them.

The market for household appliances will increase at a CAGR of 10.0% from $551.29 billion in 2022 to $606.58 billion in 2023. 

If you’re in the market to buy a new refrigerator, chances are you’ve done at least a little research. But just like purchasing any large appliance, it is easy to make mistakes when you aren’t sure about the model you should use.

There are a few common refrigerator purchasing errors that many people make. If you know these mistakes and how to avoid them, you will have a much easier time getting the new refrigerator you need.

Here are the five mistakes you need to avoid when you go buy a new refrigerator.

1. Buying the Wrong Size Refrigerator

There are different fridge sizes. If the size you buy is too large for your space, it won’t fit, which can be inconvenient and expensive to rectify.

However, a refrigerator that is too small won’t have enough storage space and won’t be able to accommodate your needs. To avoid this mistake, measure the exact size you need and plan for future needs.

2. Neglecting to Consider Features

Consumers should take the time to think that there are types of refrigerators that best suits their individual needs. Factors to consider include the number and depths of shelves, temperature control, ice dispenser and whether it’s a smart wi-fi enabled refrigerator that can give you a sleek, modern design that can add a touch of style to any kitchen.

3. Shopping in Haste

Shopping in haste can lead to costly purchasing errors. Decision-making is rushed because of time pressure and shoppers may overlook or not take into account the full range of options. It’s important to plan and allow enough time to make educated decisions.

Do some research and read reviews online. Ask family and friends for recommendations. Go to the store and check the unit itself to get a better feel of the fridge.

4. Missing Out on Manufacturer Warranties

When purchasing a refrigerator, most people overlook the manufacturer’s warranty. This is a common error that could cost consumers hundreds of dollars in the long run.

To ensure you can take advantage of any warranties or product protection plans, read the agreement before signing on. Make sure it covers the most important part of the unit which is the compressor and other parts like the condenser, evaporator and heat exchange.

5. Overlooking Energy Efficiency

Many people focus on size, features, and cost without considering energy efficiency. This can lead to extra energy bills and a strain on the environment.

To avoid this common purchasing error, one should consider looking at the energy efficiency rating. This can give useful information on an appliance’s total energy consumption and yearly running cost.

Identify Common Refrigerator Purchasing Errors

Many common refrigerator purchasing errors can be avoided with little research and consideration. Gather all the necessary information before making a decision, and don’t be swayed by flashy offers and promises. By doing this, you will ensure to have an effective, energy-efficient, and cost-effective one.

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