What to Know Before Building a Wine Cellar in Your Home

Many people dream of having their own wine cellar, but what should you know? This guide explains what to know before building a wine cellar in your home.

Are you a lover of the grape, a vino enthusiast, and a dedicated wine drinker? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to get into the delicate practice of aging wine or you’ve got an impressive collection of wine and nowhere to put it. 

Having a wine cellar in your home is a dream of many. It’s a touch of luxury and opulence combined with a passion and hobby to create a functional and aesthetic spot in your home. 

Before you start drawing up the plans and contacting the professionals, there are a couple of things you should consider before building a wine cellar at home. 

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

The Purpose of Your Wine Cellar

The first thing that you need to consider when you’re building a wine cellar in your home is the purpose of it. Are you going to use it only for storage, or a place to display your collection? 

Is there going to be space and facilities that make the wine cellar an entertainment space? Perhaps you want to be able to conduct wine tastings, hold dinner parties or create a cozy after-dinner-drinks area. 

When you’ve decided what the purpose of it is going to be, you’ll be able to make the correct decisions about how to build a wine cellar. 

A Basement Wine Cellar or Another Location?

The name ‘wine cellar’ implies that it will be located in the basement. While logistically this makes sense, because of climate control, it doesn’t have to be built in the basement. Perhaps you don’t have a basement, or there’s another area of your house which isn’t in use. 

If your wine cellar is only going to be used for storage, you could consider converting a closet space or the area under the stairs. You may have to work harder to create the ideal environment (humidity and temperature) if you decide not to construct the wine cellar in the basement. 

Deciding the Size of Your Home Wine Cellar 

This may be a decision that isn’t entirely up to you. The location of the wine cellar will in most cases determine how big it can be. The function of the wine cellar will also be another important factor in determining the size. 

You’ll need to consider the amount of wine you plan on storing or showcasing, as well as your budget for building the wine cellar. 

For a wine cellar that doubles as an entertainment space, you’ll require a fair amount of space — the basement or an extra room would be better for this.

Carefully consider your sizing needs so that you’re not caught unawares with a completed wine cellar that’s too small to house all of your wine.

Managing the Climate of a Wine Cellar at Home 

One of the major driving forces for many people to create a wine cellar is to provide the optimum storage space for their collection of wine. The temperature of a wine cellar should be 55 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity of around 60%.

These are not completely defined numbers and can fluctuate a small bit either way. To make it a more simple build, you should attempt to build the wine cellar in a place where these climatic conditions are similar. This is why a basement is such a good idea. 

If the location you choose is not naturally ideal, or as the seasons change depending on where you live, you’ll require a cooling system to maintain climate control. 

The size and type of the cooling system will depend on the size and location of your wine cellar. Check out Schneider Mechanical to get an expert opinion on your wine cellar cooling needs. 

Modern or Traditional Wine Cellar Ideas

Designing your wine cellar is the best part (and drinking the perfectly stored wines). You may have the perfect wine cellar in mind, or perhaps funky ideas and doing something different. 

Wood is the traditional material used in wine cellars for a classic look. However, with contemporary designs becoming more popular, glass walls and doors with stainless steel racks are becoming popular. 

Do you want a warm, cozy wine cellar that is traditional, with rich inlays and intricate details? Or are you going to opt for something more modern, sleek, and minimalist? You could do a mix of both — be creative and have fun with it!

Wine Racks and Case Storage 

You need to think about storage when building a wine cellar — that’s the whole purpose of it!  The choice of racks and shelving is personal and comes down to your design preferences and ideas. 

The most important thing to remember is to avoid fluorescent lighting as it damages and ruins wine. You’ll need adequate lighting to find your way around; LED lamps work the best. 

A Wine Cellar Door 

Last, but certainly not least, is deciding the type of door to install in your wine cellar. It has to be functional as well as match your design. 

The door should seal completely to maintain the ideal climate inside. 

If you’re creating a wine cellar for exhibition purposes, consider a glass door that allows people to peer in. 

Are You Ready to Start Building a Wine Cellar? 

Rich and luxurious wood finishings, or contemporary and sleek design? Whichever you choose, you need to think about some important factors before you start building a wine cellar. Think about the size, the function, and the location. And don’t forget the most important thing — climate control. 

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