What to Consider When Choosing a Cosmetic Dentistry Service

Finding the right cosmetic dentist in your area requires knowing your options. Here is what to consider when choosing a cosmetic dentistry service.

Struggling with a less than ideal smile is more difficult than some might believe. Crooked, missing, or gapped teeth can significantly impact a person’s self-confidence. If you find yourself avoiding any reason to smile, then it might be time to find a good cosmetic dentistry service. 

A local cosmetic dentist can help correct imperfections with your teeth and smile. Before you visit any cosmetic dentist, however, you’ll want to do your research to ensure the one you choose is reputable, trustworthy, and has completed amazing work in the past. How can you be sure the cosmetic dentist you choose is the best in the area?

There are several factors to look for in a cosmetic dentist. Knowing what these factors are will help you determine if a cosmetic dentist is a right choice for you. In the guide below, you’ll find a list of these factors.

Continue reading to learn more and to get started down the road to a beautiful smile!

Their Experience

The first factor you’ll want to consider is their level of experience with cosmetic dentistry. Please note that cosmetic dentistry is much different than general dentistry. You’ll need to find a dentist who has experience with cosmetic procedures. 

When searching for the right cosmetic dentist, you can ask each dentist to show you proof of how long they’ve been in cosmetic dentistry. You may also find this information by visiting their website. You want someone who’s completed many cosmetic dental procedures in the past. 

They’ve handled a variety of situations and there’s little to nothing that’ll stump them along the way. This will give you peace of mind because you know they have the experience and will know what to do if anything were to come up during your own procedure.

Their Credentials

The cosmetic dentist you choose should also have the proper credentials to perform cosmetic procedures. What type of training does the dentist have? Do they have a proper license and is it up to date?

Have they joined any professional organizations? If so, be sure to look into their membership with the organization and read up on the organization itself as well. You can always contact the dentist and ask them to provide you with proof of a proper license and all other credentials and qualifications. 

Remember to ask specifically for cosmetic dentistry credentials and not for general dentistry. 

Their Reputation

Now it’s time to check on their reputation. What are past patients saying about the work they received from the same cosmetic dentist? You can start by reading online reviews.

You may find online reviews on the dentist’s website and social media pages. You can also check online review sites and search for the dentist’s name or the name of the office. Then, contact the dentist and ask for references. 

A reputable dentist should be able to give you at least a couple of references to contact. Contact each one and ask about their own experience receiving cosmetic dental work from the same dentist. If you know anyone who’s had cosmetic dental work done, then don’t hesitate to speak with them as well.

They should be able to refer you to their dentist if they’re happy with the results. 

Their Office

It’s never a bad idea to tour the office as well. When you have some free time, contact the dentist’s office and ask about scheduling a tour. This is the perfect time to get an idea of the dentist’s professionalism, cleanliness, and more. 

While touring the office, be sure to ask the dentist or staff any questions you might have. It’s a good idea to make a list of questions and bring it with you so you don’t forget to ask anything. Now is also the perfect time to pay close attention to how you’re treated while there. 

Do the dentist and staff seem interested in answering all your questions and making you feel comfortable? Are you pleased with the overall environment? Be sure to visit a few different dentist’s offices to help you find the right one for you. 

Their Past Work

While visiting with the dentist, you can always ask to see their past work. Cosmetic dentists should have a portfolio of their past cosmetic work, which includes before and after pictures. Go through their portfolios and consider what you like and don’t like about their past work.

You may also want to consider bringing in a photo of a smile you want. Although achieving the same exact smile like a model in a magazine might not be realistic, it does give the dentist an idea of what you have in mind. The two of you can then go over realistic expectations. 

The Cost of Services

One of the last things to consider is the cost of services. First, make sure the cosmetic dentist you choose can perform the exact type of cosmetic dental work you want to have done. Then, start comparing dental costs between your top three choices or so. 

Finding the best cosmetic dentistry service will require you to check off the factors listed above and then find the best dentist with the fairest costs. Keep in mind that most insurance policies won’t cover cosmetic work, so be sure to ask about financial services as well. 

It’s Time to Find a Great Cosmetic Dentistry Service

When it comes to your oral health and creating the smile you desire, only the best cosmetic dentistry service will do. To find a reputable and trustworthy cosmetic dentist in your area who’ll provide you with excellent results, start right here with this very guide. Use all of the helpful information given above to help you determine who the best cosmetic dentist for your needs is.

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