How Do I Choose the Best Moving Company in My Local Area?

Not all home moving companies are created equal these days. Here's how simple it actually is to choose the best moving company in your local area.

Did you know that most people find moving to be one of the most stressful life events? If you want to find a reputable moving company, we can help, even if you plan to move interstate and long distance.

This guide will cover what factors to consider when searching for the best moving company in your area.

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Try to Get Some Personal Referrals

Before you begin your search, you should reach out to your friends and family. Ask them if they would recommend a specific moving company, as word of mouth can be a fantastic way of vetting potential candidates. Wolves Removals, for instance, have the reputation of being Brighton’s trusted and well-known removals company for a good reason.

Are you working with an agent? Ask the real estate agent if they would recommend a local mover. You could also ask coworkers if they know any good moving companies.

Go online and search for moving companies if you can’t get any recommendations.

Visit the Better Business Bureau

Go online to check the moving company’s record with the BBB. You should pick a moving company that has a good rating and who are BBB accredited.

What About Professional Accreditation?

A trade association can vet a company before they give them a seal or a membership.

Look for an American Moving and Storage Association ProMover logo. Find approved companies on the association’s website.

Check the Reviews

When choosing a mover, you should take your time reading customer reviews. You want to see what clients said about the company. What did they dislike or like about the moving company?

Finding reviews for movers is relatively straightforward. For example, if you live in Charlotte NC, just google “movers in Charlotte NC“. Then click “movers in Charlotte” at the top of the search results. Now you will see a complete list of movers and their google star reviews. You can click on any moving company to see what people are saying about the company.

The reviews provide insight into the company’s reputation. Keep searching if the company has many recent negative reviews.

Narrow down your search to a few companies. You’ll want to reach out and get an estimate.

Ask For a Few Estimates

When searching for a company, call a few movers and get estimates. You shouldn’t accept the first estimate. Instead, ask for a few and compare the estimates.

Also, the company should come to your home so they can see what you own. Don’t trust a company that gives you an estimate without seeing your belongings.

A decent company will come and take inventory of your belongings. The professional will determine the weight and bulk of your move.

The estimator should check all storage spaces like closets, garages, bookcases, and shelves.

Your belongings’ weight will determine the mover’s price and how much space your items take. You should read the estimate and watch out for any errors.

Your moving professional should also ask about your moving plan. Explain what items will go in the moving truck. Some things you may decide to donate or leave for the new owner.

Make sure you know what will be moving when the estimator comes to your home.

Possible Warning Signs

During your search, you should look out for companies who try to ask for a cash deposit. You might not have found a legit business.

Also, during the estimate process, how professional does the company seem? If the movers show up late to your house or don’t answer all your questions, keep searching.

You should also avoid movers who use a rented moving van. A reputable company will have its moving equipment.

Ask to See Licenses and Insurance

The mover you choose should have insurance and a license. There’s a US DOT number that gets issued to licensed interstate movers.

Verify the license through the site. You can also request the US DOT number in the event you need to file a claim later.

Check the Business Address

You should check the mover’s website and verify the company’s address. If the company’s address’s listed under a residential name, you should keep searching.

Will You Need Help With Packing?

Will you pack your belongings? The mover won’t end up being responsible if your items get damaged during the move.

If you want to ask the mover to pack your items, you could end up paying a higher price. Moving companies tend to increase the price of packing materials and boxes.

Yet, you might need help with packing if you don’t have a lot of time. Some people live alone and far from family, so they need assistance. Ask the moving company what other services they provide.

Watch Out for Hidden Costs

Where are you moving? If you move to a two-story house, the movers might have an extra fee.

You should ask about potential extra fees for trickier moves. You don’t want to receive a final bill that’s higher than what you imagined.

You might have to pay surcharges for different factors. Ask the mover about extra fees that could occur.

Don’t Sign a Blank Contract

You should avoid a blank contract. Instead, get a detailed contract that lists all the fees. The estimate and extra fees should get included. You also should have a contract with delivery and pick-up dates.

Make sure you read through the contract. The contract should list all your belongings. You want to work with professional movers.

Now You Know More About How to Find the Best Moving Company

We hope this guide on finding the best moving company was helpful. Now that you know how to find a local mover start your search. Ask your friends or real estate agent to recommend a mover.

Find a licensed and insured moving company. Make sure the movers also come to your home and walk through the rooms. You want an accurate estimate.

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