What Is a Practice Manager and What Do They Do?

Practice management is a very important part of medicine, but what is a practice manager and what do they do? Let's take a closer look.

What is a practice manager?

In short, they are one of the most important pieces of a successful medical practice. The longer answer, though, takes a bit more explaining.

We’ve put together this guide to help you learn more about practice managers and the responsibilities they take care of during a normal day at work. So let’s get started!

What Is the Role of a Practice Manager?

As a practice manager, you are the person that keeps the medical practice running smoothly at all times. However, the exact role you’ll play can vary from practice to practice. In most cases, you’ll be in charge of a mix of the following responsibilities.


A practice manager is in charge of onboarding new members of staff. You’ll also oversee their training, and you may also be in charge of employee scheduling. This means you’ll manage when employees work and when they can take vacations, time off, etc. You may also oversee the remote healthcare assistant program and its scheduling as well.


You will need to manage the entire financial system for the medical practice. This includes things like:

  • Payroll
  • Overseeing budgets
  • Resource management
  • Securing necessary funds
  • Etc.

If any unexpected problems pop up relating to the financial situation, a project manager will also have to deal with and resolve these issues.


Privacy is a big part of any medical practice, and the practice manager is the person who makes sure the privacy requirements are being met. You will put security measures in place to keep patient records confidential, and you will be in charge of ensuring those documents never make it into the wrong hands.

Business Management

On top of all these others roles, you will also take part in basic business management jobs. This means you will play a part in coming up with and managing strategies about security, IT needs, medical services, and more.

For example, if the practice needs an answering service (https://24x7doctorsansweringservice.com/) to help manage incoming calls, you will likely be the person in charge of setting it up.

What Is the Annual Salary of a Practice Manager?

If you’re interested in starting a career in medical practice management, you might be wondering how much you can make. The average, annual salary of a practice manager is about $69,000, but this is just an estimation. The exact number could go up or down depending on where you work.

What Is a Practice Manager? Picking a Job You Love

Now that you have the answer to the question, “What is a practice manager?”, you can decide whether or not it’s the right career choice for you. If you want to work in the medical industry and have good skills in business management, this might be the job you’ve been looking for.

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