The Different Types of Desk Lamps and Which Is Best for You

Are you looking for a new desk lamp but aren't sure which would be best for your space? Here is a brief guide to desk lamp types.

Digital eye strain affects 50 percent of both adults and children. One way to protect your eyes is to have proper lighting as you work on a digital device. 

Are you looking for a new desk lamp to help you see while working at your desk? Wondering about the different desk lamp types? Keep reading to learn more about office lighting and how to pick the desk lamp that works best for your space and needs.

Table Lamps

You can find a table lamp that is usually between 24 to 36 inches tall (measure from the bottom of the lamp base to the very top point of the lamp).

Table lamps are great in reception areas, on nightstands, or in your living rooms. Enhance your decor with lamps like these English table lamps

Swing Arm

These lamps are ideal if you need targeted light for tasks like drawing or drafting. The arm of the lamp can pivot and swing into different positions. This allows you to control the light direction, height, and brightness.

You can typically move the light to cover the entire width of your desk without moving your lamp.

To find the best swing arm lamps, look for durable joints consisting of robust metal materials like bronze, brass, nickel, or aluminum. You should also look for options to control light intensity.


There are desk lamp models that adjust more than just the arm. Some have telescoping poles that you can adjust the height and tilt the head of the lamp in various directions. The most flexible type of lamp is the gooseneck lamp, which you can bend and twist into various ways to help you see.

Reading Lamp

Are you an avid reader? If so, you may want to consider a reading lamp. These lamps are typically bright and glossy and are brass or chrome finish. This lamp can be brightened or dimmed sometimes with just a simple touch.


If you don’t have much desk surface space to work with, you may want to consider a clip lamp that you can attach to the side of your shelf, desk, or any other sturdy area. This lamp is also adjustable and comes in handy if you don’t have a permanent workstation area.

You can grab it and attach it to the kitchen table or the side of your bed, depending on one where you need to work or read. They are very compact, so you can easily stash them when you are not using them.


If you need lighting for detail work, you may want to consider a magnifying desk lamp. These lamps have a magnifying glass surrounded by light to let you see small items for crafting, jewelry repair, or drafting. 

These lights let you see all the small features. The magnifier also helps improve visibility and reduce your overall eye strain when working on intricate details.

Different Lamp Types to Light the Way

Having the right desk lamp helps you reduce eyestrain, give you enough task lighting, and adds a decorative touch. You can pick various lamp types that fit your space, is adjustable, and provides the right amount of lighting for your needs.

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