Virtual Health Practices That You Can Access Right From Your Home

Virtual Health Practices

Did you know that about 133 million Americans have a chronic illness? This is about half of the population in America. Chronic illnesses can include anything from heart disease to rheumatoid arthritis.

The number of people with chronic conditions is expected to rise to 170 million within 10 years.

With the millions of people who suffer from health issues in the country, access to quality healthcare is crucial. With the current coronavirus pandemic, getting care through virtual health is ideal.

Keep reading to learn about the health services you can access from the comfort of your home.

Routine Checkups

Certain medical services require you to be in a doctor’s office. A routine checkup can be done through a virtual health visit though a service like Private Medical. If you’re suffering from an issue that is not life-threatening, doing it virtually is possible.

A sinus infection or a rash that a medical professional can see through a camera on your computer can lead to a prescription to help you. You can do this without needing to leave your house. If you’re suffering from migraines, your doctor can consult with you virtually to determine the best treatment plan.

Outpatient Mental Health Services

If you have a psychologist or psychiatrist you work with already, you can continue to speak to them through virtual appointments. Many mental health counselors offer their services through virtual appointments if you don’t have one.

Telemedicine is available to those who aren’t required to go to an inpatient facility. Telemedicine is also available to those in treatment for addiction. You can set up virtual appointments with a counselor or even attend support groups for recovery online.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is another health service you can access virtually from your house. A virtual physical therapy session will be a little different than other online appointments, however.

A more routine virtual appointment requires having good light, a good camera, and sound. A virtual physical therapy visit will require this as well as enough space for the exercises you’ll be indicated to do. The therapists will be able to watch how you move and guide you on the proper stretches and exercises you’ll need to do.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is another health service available virtually where needed. The therapist can work with you or your child on things like articulation and fluency through a video call.

This virtual appointment doesn’t differ much from the one you’d attend in person. Technology can make therapy more accessible without the need to leave home.

Handle Pharmacy Needs Without Leaving Home

Once you’ve had your virtual appointment with your doctor you might think you’ll have to leave home to pick up the medication they prescribed you. You’ll be happy to hear that you can use an online pharmacy for all of your medication needs.

You can buy prescription drugs online and have them delivered to your door. This way you don’t have to worry about driving to the pharmacy and having to wait in line to receive the medication you need.

Coronavirus Consultations

A coronavirus test requires you to visit a testing facility. Online consultations are available to determine whether you might need the test though. If you’re experiencing fever or shortness of breath, you can talk to a doctor virtually and they’ll help you determine if you need testing.

If you find out you do have coronavirus, self-isolation is crucial. You can set up a virtual appointment with a doctor to discuss at-home treatments for the fever or cough. If symptoms worsen a medical professional might suggest that you visit an emergency room, however.

Gynecology Appointments

You might not know this but you can have a gynecology appointment from home. Certain examinations like a pap smear require an in-office visit. Discussing birth control or concerns about a urinary tract infection can be done virtually though.

You Can See a Dermatologist Virtually

Since a visit to a dermatologist mostly requires examining your skin, this can easily be done through a virtual appointment. When you need to discuss a prescription refill with your doctor there’s no need to go into their office either.

Skin biopsies should be done in person but the services mentioned above can be done through a video call with your doctor.

Manage Your Asthma Through a Virtual Appointment

Virtual visits for asthma management are simple, especially if you’ve been seeing the same doctor for some time. Since they know your medical history, virtual visits are a good alternative for routine checkups.

Virtual asthma management can include refilling medications or discussing current treatment plans.

You Can Manage a Chronic Illness With Telehealth Too

If you deal with a chronic illness you might be fearful of exposing yourself to other people’s germs. Since you’re at high risk of contracting other illnesses going to a doctor’s office might bring about anxiety. You can manage many chronic illnesses through telehealth appointments though.

You can discuss flare-ups from chronic diseases with your doctor in a virtual appointment. Physical examinations and other testing might require in-person visits but things like discussing medication refills can be completed through a virtual visit.

Virtual Health Services Available to You Today

Your health is important and there are many ways you can access virtual health services from home today. You can get routine checkups, manage a chronic illness, and even get your medication online without having to leave your home.

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