Unique Way to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Unique Way to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Whether you have been married for many, many years or else are shortly going to be celebrating your very first year of being married, it is always exciting when planning how to spend that special day together.

With this in mind, continue reading to discover four unique ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

A Picnic in Nature

Even though you may well have a large family event or meal planned to celebrate your very first year as a married couple, it is always exciting to plan how to spend that special day together just the two of you.

Get back to nature with an English tea party theme, with cucumber sandwiches (with the crusts cut away, obviously), strawberries and cream and the perfect homemade scone to finish.

Additionally, spending time immersed in nature is also a fantastic way to boost both of your levels of emotional health and well-being, including:

  • A way to regulate your sleep cycles
  • A way to reduce your levels of stress and anxiety
  • A way to boost your mood and happiness levels
  • A way to reduce blood pressure and heart rate
  • A way to boost your levels of confidence and self-esteem

Hot Air Balloon

If you are looking for the ultimate way to surprise your husband or wife on your wedding anniversary, then the oft-quoted advice ‘go big or go home’ certainly applies here.

Whether you choose to take a ride on a hot air balloon with your spouse over wide lakes and luscious woodlands, or else a more urban trip over the top of your local neighborhood, just remember to bring a camera with you!

Always ensure that the company you choose to book your hot air balloon ride with is fully registered and accredited and that the reviews online are largely positive.

Professional Photo Shoot

Another great way to do something unique for your partner and ensure that you both receive enjoyment from the ensuing results is to show how much you love them by gifting your significant other a bridal boudoir photography shoot.

Your spouse will be fully in control as to how much, or indeed how little, they want to pose and what they would like to wear. Reputable and expanded photography studios have experience in everything from conservative styles to more outlandish fancy dress shoots.

A Romantic Spa Day

For a far more relaxed and romantic wedding anniversary experience, you could consider booking you and your spouse into a boutique spa and hotel for the day and even to spend the night there too.

You could choose a couples’ massage, followed by a dip in the swimming pool and sauna and heat room sessions to feel relaxed and even more connected to each other. When choosing the right spa for you and your other half, be sure to check out a selection of reviews online and from friends and family members, look at the hygiene level from inspections and find out what products are used and that they are all ethically sourced.

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