Top YouTubers Under 18

top youtubers

No matter if you are a Gen Z, or a millennial, there is one thing that is common for everyone out there. Everyone loved YouTube, as it offers content that you cannot deny. While everyone might not understand TikTok, Facebook, and other related application; there is nothing that stops them from loving YouTube. 

However, youtube is not only to enjoy the content, you can even share content of your own, and make endless money. Here are top YouTubers under the age of 18 to motivate you and get you started on sharing content of your own. 

Ryan ToysReview

An adorable boy old sharing his reviews on children’s toys almost every day! Ryan might only be a kid, but his videos easily achieve more than 16.5 trillion views. What started as a small way to let other parents know honest reviews before they drop their money, has now become a force that includes prank videos and even vlogs. 


Matthew Morris commonly known as MattyBRaps is a singer from Georgia, sharing his song covers and remixes every week. His most popular is Stereo Hearts, originally covered by Gym Glass Heroes – hitting over 239 million views. Taking advantage of his popularity on YouTube Mattybraps has started posting music of his own. 

Its Jojo Siwa

Jojo is a teenage singer, dance, and YouTuber who lives in Los Angeles. Jojo keeps her viewers hooked by sharing videos, music, challenge videos, collaborations, and dance tutorials. The videos have become some of thetop YouTube ranks each week. Playing on her fame from YouTube she has taken her popularity to the next level by appearing in the Lifetime television drama Dance Moms. Today, she has collaborated with top U.S. companies, and even sells her original music on Spotify. With all Jojos collaborations, it’s no wonder how she has amassed such a massive net worth.

Brooklyn & Bailey

Brooklyn and Bailey are identical twins from Texas who share their musical talents with their viewers. However, that is not all they have to offer, once they reached their fandom they started posting vlogs, music videos, and online challenges. The pair started on YouTube in 2011, and have gathered a great deal in a short while. Using their fame they decided to cash their fame and start selling online.

Johnny Orlando

A YouTube musical pop star that has shared his talents with viewers all around the world. Johnny decided to get started by sharing covers, and gained millions of followers! Today, he has reached a height where he is not only loved for his covers but his original music and beautiful looks. Considered to be the next Justin Beiber Johnny Orlando is gaining great heights with every video he posts.

Jacob Sartorius

A singer and internet personality Rolf Jacob Sartorius is in his teens and showcasing his undeniable charm and talent. Sharing original music Jacob is here to gain popularity based on his originals that come with lyric videos and music videos for everyone to enjoy. Pushing through his fame Jacob set on a multi-country musical tour that covered Canada, Mexico, and the US. In addition, selling his music on Spotify, and collaborating with national and international brands helps him earn a little extra on the side.


These kids are not just famous, they have used their fame on youtube to cash out as much money and privileges as they can. Knowing they are followed and loved, they have the opportunity to reach million and they are not the only ones that know they are at an advantage. Brands and companies know their worth and offer them a great deal to promote their products or services. Expanding their reach and having an impact that any advertisement cannot match.

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