6 Common Mistakes in Roof Repairs to Avoid for Homeowners


Have you noticed roof leaks or peeling shingles? If so, you may be dealing with common roof problems. But before you grab a ladder and try to address the issue, make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Read on to learn about 6 common mistakes in roof repairs to avoid for homeowners!

1. Neglecting to Address a Faulty Roof

One of the most common roof problems is avoidance. Make sure you look up and assess the state of your roof every few months. When shingles go missing, jump into action.

Failing to address a roof issue early means it can snowball into water damage indoors. Set up a roof repair budget so you’re not putting off repairs.

2. Forgetting to Seal the Roof from Moisture

Especially if you live in an area with strong summer storms or winter weather, you need to safeguard against moisture. But not knowing how to fix common roof problems translates to skipping this step. 

Hammering new shingles onto the roof may not be enough. Your roof needs underlayment, which sits beneath the shingles, to protect against rain and melting snow. A good roofer will know to check this for tears or deterioration.

3. Mistakes in Roof Repairs Include Adding Too Many Layers

When shingles look damaged, logic might suggest that you should attach another layer of shingles. But unfortunately, doing this can complicate existing problems. You might not get to the root of the problem, such as warped or rotted fascia.

Further, too many layers can add too much weight and ruin the structural integrity of your roof. So, even if adding more shingles seems like it will be easier on your budget now, it will result in costly fixes later.  

4. Using the Wrong Equipment 

Do you have the right roof repair equipment? You’ll need tear-off shovels, a hardhat, and a good tool belt. And, of course, you’ll need a roofing nailer and shingles. 

If you’re reaching for your normal tennis shoes and a staple gun, you’re reaching for the wrong equipment. Not securing and sealing the shingles will mean they can come off again. 

5. Choosing the Wrong Shingles

You may think you’re doing the right thing by getting replacement shingles that look similar in color to the originals. Even if the color differs slightly, however, those replacement shingles will stick out.

Try to get the same shingles originally used to avoid differences in tone or weight. Consult with professional roofers if this is not possible.

6.  Fixing Residential Roofs Yourself

Trying to repair a significant roof issue can go awry if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s where hiring a roofing company can be the best solution.

They’ll have the right footwear, roof repair equipment, and experience to handle the repair. Better yet, they can detect issues not visible and help you shore up your roof against future problems.

Take Care of Your Roof

If you can avoid mistakes in roof repairs, you’ll get a longer life out of your roof. Start by being vigilant and addressing issues quickly. And if you’re not experienced with roof repair equipment, hand off the responsibilities to the professionals. 

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