Top 5 Most Entertaining Ideas for Starting a New Collection

Starting your own collection is both exciting and rewarding at the same time. Get the most entertaining collecting ideas to start right here.

Starting a collection might be the secret to a happier life.

Hobbies like collecting a favorite item can improve your social life, encourage mindfulness, and help relieve stress.

Collecting can be a great source of pleasure that can work for any budget or lifestyle. Here are five entertaining collecting ideas to start ASAP.

1. Art

When building a collection, art is a great place to start. The options are endless, from local art found at community events to paintings done by the greatest artists of all time.

Try focusing on one area first, like small sculptures or Japanese calligraphy.

Just be sure to protect and insure your homeowners collection in case art goes missing or suffers damage.

2. Items From Nature

For a budget-friendly alternative to expensive artwork, look to nature.

Nature is full of items to collect, and many can be found for free. Find unique seashells at the beach, or look for one-of-a-kind stones when hiking.

You can also get inspired by animal life, collecting bird feathers or insects. But refrain from harming any living being. Avoid hurting any live creatures, and only grab items like flowers or tree bark if given permission first.

3. Vintage Collectibles

Vintage collectible items are among the most popular types of objects to collect.

The history in antique and vintage items make these items so special, and some old items that are hard to find can be worth a lot of money if you choose to resell them.

You can collect almost anything, including old model cars, vintage cups and dishes, and even clothing from decades past.

4. Souvenirs

For those who love to travel, show off your worldly experiences with a collection of souvenirs.

Souvenirs can be used to decorate your home or a specific room, sprucing up your space with unique cultural designs that might not be commonly seen in your country. Then, when visitors come to your home, you can explain the travel story behind each item.

If you’re wanting to save your money, collect magnets or postcards from your trips. If you’re comfortable splurging, look for high-quality artistic designs that are authentic to your destination.

5. Ticket Stubs

Starting a collection of objects can also help you start a collection of memories. And focusing on collecting ticket stubs is one way to keep track of your past memories and experiences.

Whenever you take a train in a new place, keep the ticket stub to help you remember your travels.

Alternatively, start a ticket collection with event tickets, such as concert ticket stubs or tickets to zoos and other attractions.

A great way to collect and organize ticket stubs is by placing them in a scrapbook, which you can decorate or mark with the date to help you keep track of all your fun memories.

Which of These Collecting Ideas Will You Try?

Almost anyone can benefit from starting a collection, no matter your interests or budget.

Try one of these collecting ideas, and start showing off your collectibles to your friends and family. Who knows? Maybe they’ll become collectors too!

For more ideas on starting a hobby, check out my other entertainment posts!

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