The Latest Tips That Make Properly Cleaning a Bathroom Simple

Did you know that a bathroom can house thousands of different species of bacteria? Here are the latest tips that make properly cleaning a bathroom simple.

Does the bathroom look like a battle got waged there? Does the thought of cleaning it fill you with terror? You’re right to be afraid, as cleaning a bathroom means confronting all of that bacterial horror!

Even if you don’t mind facing the challenge, poor cleaning can spread germs.

We’re here to ensure that you have the equipment to do the job right. Equipped with the tools, the knowledge, and the confidence. Let’s go over a few tips to turn those most hated jobs into a breeze.

Clear the Field

You’re about to wage war on all of that bacteria and grime, so you better set the stage. If it’s not nailed down, get it out of the room. Everything on countertops, in the shower, everywhere.

By cleaning up the room first, you’re opening up the whole space for an efficient deep clean. There’s nothing worse than having to stop and start in the middle of the job to move things.

You are ready to get started. If you haven’t done it already, send anything that can go in the washing machine for a spin.

Starting With the Head

We should get started with the one job everybody hates the most. It’s the dreaded task of cleaning the toilet.

It’s important to clean every inch of the toilet, handle and all. That’s because every time you flush, it’s an explosion of bacteria. All those mean little germs manage to spread themselves all over the toilet and bathroom.

Some anti-bacterial cleaning products should do the trick here. If there’s any staining, though, we’ve got a neat little trick.

Vinegar and baking soda wouldn’t make a tasty cake, but they make one fantastic toilet-cleaning combo. Just fill the bowl, let it rest for a few minutes, then give it a light scrub.

You’ll see your face shining in that toilet in no time.

Grouching About Grout

If the spaces between the tiles have changed from pearly white to an abyssal black, you’ve got a problem. It doesn’t only look nasty. That grout can harbor more troublesome bacteria.

What kind of bacteria? Think salmonella and E-coli. Luckily, a little bit of bleach and a scrubbing brush is all you need!

Cleaning a Bathroom’s Floor and Walls

What a time-consuming chore! Meticulously combing every inch of the bathroom to make sure it’s clean is a real headache!

What if there was a way to make the job easier? A bacteria-busting grenade that you could toss in and smile as it obliterated all the dirt. We’ve got a great solution!

Have you heard of ULV foggers? These cold foggers can fill the room with a disinfectant, making your life a lot easier! Whether a residential bathroom or a commercial bathroom, this makes the job simple.

A Time Sink

We hope that some of these cleaning industry tips aid you in becoming a little more efficient at cleaning a bathroom. As the breeding ground for the nastiest bacteria imaginable, you need to stay on top of your cleaning game!

If you want to add some shine to other areas of your life, keep reading our blog for more squeaky-clean tips!

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