Top 5 Landscape Maintenance Services

Landscape maintenance services range from lawn care to property management. Check out some of the most important of these services for any setting.

Did you know that grass can grow around 1.2 inches a week? It doesn’t take long for a lawn to begin looking like a jungle.

This is why it’s so important to have regular landscaping services that will take care of everything.

Are you wondering what kind of services are available? Keep reading to learn all about the top 5 landscape maintenance services.

1. Hedging and Pruning Plants

When it comes to lawn and landscape services, you should think about getting your plants and shrubs taken care of. As they grow, it’s important to get them pruned and hedged. This will keep them looking clean and beautiful rather than shaggy and wild.

Pruning is also important for removing diseased parts of a flower or plant in general. If done correctly, it can also encourage the plant to grow.

Hedging is crucial if you want your bushes to maintain a certain shape, such as rectangular or circular. Hedging falls under the category of landscape design services.

2. Pest and Fungal Protection

All lawns and plants can become the victims of nasty pests. These will make your lawn look sick if not totally dead. This is why you should add pest protection to your landscaping services list.

Aside from pests, it’s also a good idea to protect your landscape from fungal infections. For full protection services, you should visit

3. Irrigation Maintenance

As part of full-service landscaping, most businesses will maintain your irrigation system for you too. Regular checkups will ensure that it is performing with top-notch efficiency rather than wasting water and hiking up your bill in the process.

Aside from maintaining the correct water usage, a landscaping business should be able to winterize your system so that it doesn’t freeze in the cold. This will prevent major damage from occurring in your irrigation system.

4. Tree Trimming

If not properly trimmed, trees can end up being a safety hazard. This threat is increased if you live in an area that sees a lot of powerful storms. A hurricane can turn branches into projectiles or topple a loose tree completely.

Landscape professionals will be able to ensure that all trees are trimmed on a regular basis. They can also identify and remove trees that are too far gone in the lifecycle.

5. Mulch Spreading

Mulching your landscape can be just as important as mowing it. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be done as often as mowing.

Landscapers should spread mulch about twice a year. That way, you can minimize weeds, protect plant roots, and more. Best of all, mulch beautifies your landscape overall.

Are You Ready to Get Landscape Maintenance Services?

Now that you’ve learned all about the top 5 landscape maintenance services, you can make sure that your home’s or business’s lawn is as perfect as possible. Once you’ve found the best landscape pros, be sure to recommend them to your friends and family.

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