Top 5 Dewalt Power Tools Every Diyer and Homeowner Should Have

If you're an avid DIY fan or a new homeowner, there are some power tools you need to have. Keep reading for our top five must-have Dewalt power tools of 2022.

Think about the last time you found yourself struggling to screw something into your wall or saw a piece of wood.

You were probably sweaty, frustrated, and annoyed at how long it was taking. Maybe you even considered giving up on the task. Household tasks don’t have to ruin your whole weekend, but you need to have the right tools for the job. 

Having a collection of Dewalt power tools will help you feel confident when you’re fixing things around your house.

In the article below, you’ll find a list of the five essential Dewalt power tools to start your power tool collection. Continue reading to learn more about these helpful power tools. 

1. The Dewalt Cordless Drill

A cordless drill can help you assemble furniture, hang pictures and fix doors around your house. Once you have a cordless drill, you’ll never go back to using a regular screwdriver.

If you’ve owned a Dewalt cordless drill in the past, you might have a spare battery or other accessories lying around. You can click for bare tools that will cost less than tools that have accessories you already have. 

2. The Dewalt Circular Saw

Do you have dreams of flipping furniture or making your own? If so, you’re going to want to invest in a circular saw. Circular saws are much easier to control than standard saws. Not only is a circular saw easier to use than a regular saw, but it’s safer too. The sturdy handle of the circular saw keeps you in control at all times.  

3. The Dewalt Orbital Sander

If you’ve ever tried to sand a piece of wood by hand, you know how difficult it is. The Dewalt orbital sander will make your life easier, whether you’re sanding down a dresser for a paint job or putting the finishing touches on a wooden bed frame.

The orbital sander does all the sanding work for you; all you have to do is steer the tool around the wood 

4. The Dewalt Hammer Drill / Driver

Most DIYers know how painful it is when you accidentally swing a hammer into your thumb.

You can eliminate the possibility of that happening by investing in a Dewalt hammer drill/driver. This powerful tool will help you hammer nails more efficiently and in a safer manner. 

5. The Dewalt Cordless Cable Stripper

The last tool on the list is perfect for anyone who finds themselves working with electrical wiring.

Whether you’re fixing up an old lamp or adding wires to a new room in your house, the cordless cable stripper will help you get the job done. This tool helps you strip cables of the protective coating, so you can access the wires underneath. 

Reviewing the Best Dewalt Power Tools for Your Collection

If you get your hands on all the Dewalt power tools on the list above, you should have a solid start on your tool collection.

You’ll be able to accomplish many of the basic household projects that you find yourself having to do every weekend. If you’re interested in learning more about power tools, be sure to continue reading all the latest blog articles going live on this website each week. 

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