Top 4 Ways to Plan a Calm & Peaceful Wedding Day

Top 4 Ways to Plan a Calm & Peaceful Wedding Day

Your wedding day will have been built-up, both in the minds of you and your partner, as one of the most special, memorable and altogether beautiful days of your entire life.

When planning and organizing for your celebrations, in terms of the nuptials themselves as well as the reception and entertainment for your evening guests, you can sometimes become swept away by catering for everyone else’s needs.

So, to avoid this as much as possible, here are the top four ways to plan a calm, peaceful and tranquil wedding day.

1. Avoid a Seating Plan

With weddings, whether traditional church-based ones or more bohemian, woodland inspired nuptials, a seating plan is almost always part of the formal wedding breakfast.

However, for a much more informal and certainly more natural feel, instead of forcing people to sit where you tell them to, plan a buffet style meal and let people sit with their friends. This way, you are not only creating a more natural atmosphere, but will hopefully also avoid any one of your wedding guests consuming too much alcohol in an attempt to feel socially comfortable. Furthermore, with a beautiful and relaxed local wedding venue, the team assigned to serve you food and drinks at your wedding will be able to adapt to your more relaxed and less ‘party’ atmosphere preferences.

2. Invite Who You Want!

In an ideal world and also, frankly, in a logical one, as the only people who are at the heart of your wedding are you and your soon-to-be spouse, neither of you should feel pressured to invite someone by other family members or worse, pure social convention.

When looking for a quieter, more peaceful and indeed more romantic wedding day and evening, only invite the people who you absolutely love and not just people who you know from work, or an aunty or uncle whom you never see.

3. Be Sure to Have Quiet Time Just You and Them

One of the most effective ways of ensuring that your wedding is relaxed, peaceful and calm, and no television-like drama ensues, is to schedule regular times to spend with your new husband or wife.

It is often said, by brides and grooms alike, that after months and in some cases, even years, of planning, their actual wedding day itself goes by in a flash, so these intimate moments will help you both to remember your day in the right way.

4. Music is Everything

You may well be one of those couples who have shared many a night in a dingy pub or club listening to your favorite band or singer of yesteryear on their comeback gig, or maybe your shared love of music is why the pair of you initially ‘clicked’.

Even though most couples, when planning the evening entertainment and music choices for their wedding celebration, look to construct a playlist that is inclusive to as many different music tastes as possible, you should choose the music you love and that will make you smile on the day.

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