What Needs to Be Included in Your Wedding Budget?

What Needs to Be Included in Your Wedding Budget?

Whether you are planning a large or small wedding, there are certain components of the event that need to be in your budget, or you might find that you are out of pocket before you have even made all the arrangements. If you are finding it hard to organize and finance each of the elements of your wedding, here is a list of what needs to be included in your wedding budget.

1.    Event Bartenders

To make sure that everyone gets the drinks that they want, even if they are non-alcoholic, you should consider hiring an event bartender. Not only can they manage your bar so that you do not have to worry about it or keep members of your party out of the action while they take orders, but trained bartenders can also keep your guests safe by serving responsibly. These bartenders will also be trained and ensured, enabling them to give you the best service possible. If you believe that your event will not be complete without bartenders, you should consider heading to eventbartenders.com to outsource the help that you need. You should be able to get a quote beforehand that you can put into your budget.

2.    Your Outfits

Unless you have a particularly fancy closet, you will need to buy new outfits to get married in. Whether you want to get married in a dress, suit, or jumpsuit, you should make sure that you keep this clothing in mind, as well as accessories, when it comes to your budget, or else you may find that you spend much more on your look than you can afford. You should consider slicing the amount that you pay out for these outfits by renting your outfits, looking at the options offered by chain stores, and waiting for sales. 

3.    Your Entertainment

To keep your guests happy and having fun until midnight, some of your budget should be spent on entertainment. If you have a large budget, you might consider investing in a live band, whereas those with smaller budgets might look at DJs, game rentals, and even sports rentals that can allow your guests to try activities that they have never had the chance to before.

4.    Your Invitations

Invitations need to be sent out well in advance if you want people to come to your wedding. However, paper invitations can be an expense that you forget about or do not predict. To cut the costs of your invitations, you might consider simply asking your guests to the wedding in person or sending e-invites which your guests can respond to without any hassle.

5.    The Photography

Photography is essential if you want to remember your day in detail for years to come. However, capturing memories to treasure can be pricey. If you are concerned about fitting a professional photographer into your budget, you should consider asking guests to take their own photos, handing out disposable cameras on the day, or looking for amateur photographers who might be happy to take your wedding photos for you.

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