Window Treatment Styles: Choosing the Right Type for Your Home

When you want to transform your space with a window upgrade, explore window treatment styles and how to choose the right type for your home.

Analysts predict that the window covering industry will have a market size of over $17 billion by 2028. Window treatments have become a way for consumers to personalize their homes and add value.

There are many window treatment styles available but choosing the right one can be difficult. Do you know which types of window treatments would look best in your home?

The following guide will explain how to choose the perfect window treatments to enhance your home. 


Installing shutters is a great way to make your home stand out from the pack. Shutters are at the top of current window treatment trends and also attract home buyers when it’s time to sell.

If you have an older house, consider going with louvered shutters. They use angled slats that are easily adjustable. Raised panel shutters are another option for older homes and function similarly to cabinet doors.

Currently, plantation shutters are very trendy and tend to add value to any type of home. Plantation shutters open and close by pulling the panels. Note that they don’t close completely and still let some light in.


Roman blinds create pleats as you raise them and fit any window because of easy customization. Common roman blind materials include cotton blends, silk, woven woods, and polyester.

There are also wooden blinds and faux wood blinds that offer more stability and privacy for your home. Consider blinds with honeycomb cells if you live in an area with extreme temperatures. They trap heat in the winter and cool air during the summer.

Some modern homeowners choose smart blinds that they control using a smartphone. Their benefits include upgrading your home’s energy efficiency and convenience. The controllers for smart blinds can be added to existing blinds in your home.


Sheer shades are made of fabric vanes with thin fabric placed in between. They typically use louvers to adjust the slats or use a rolling mechanism to function. It’s a great window treatment option to accomplish a clean and minimalistic look.

Consider a cordless shade if your household has toddlers or pets. If you’re going for a modern feel, you might prefer motorized shades with remote adjusting capabilities.

Fabric rollup shades are the most affordable option for homeowners and fold up in window tops. The shades work well in almost any home style and any room. Popular roller shade fabrics include fiberglass and polyester PVC, woven, and tweed material.

Blackout shades refer to a shade with any material that totally blocks out sunlight. Consider blackout or solar shades if you live in a very sunny location to block harmful UV rays. They also protect furniture from damage and help lower indoor temperatures.

Choosing Window Treatment Styles

Now you know which window treatment styles work best if different home types. Think about the age of your home, the climate in your area, and if you’re going for a modern or classic look.

Remember this guide and select your new window treatments with confidence! Check out our household category for more great tips and fascinating information.

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