Tips for Choosing the Right Color Shingles for Your Roof

Which color of shingles is right for your home? These tips will help you choose the right roof shingle color for your home.

You can change the feel of your home with new roof shingles. And when you’re choosing roof colors for unique styles and memorable curb appeal, it’s wise to choose color shingles that will blend with your home’s exterior.

From cool to warm colors, you can bring style and function to your home with a new roof and an updated look.

But how do you choose the best shingle color for your home?

Let’s get started!

Take Location Into Consideration

When selecting shingle colors, it’s important to take the location and the type of home into consideration. Light colors are ideal for sunny climates because they reflect the sunlight, helping to keep the home cool. Darker colors, on the other hand, are known to absorb heat, which can be helpful in cooler climates to provide more warmth.

If the home is surrounded by trees, opt for earth tones to blend in better with the natural surroundings. The color and type of the home should also be taken into consideration to create an overall esthetically pleasing look.

Request for Brochures and Samples

When it comes to choosing the right color shingles for your roof, it is important to ask for brochures and samples from manufacturers. With these brochures and samples, you can have a better visual understanding of the colors and textures offered by each manufacturer. Consider a few colors that match your house’s exterior and landscape.

You can even look for shingles with special reflective technology, which can help reflect the sun’s rays and reduce energy costs. Pay close attention to the colors and textures that you prefer, and read the descriptions closely to ensure the colors reflect well in the sun.

Compare Samples to Your Home’s Colors

A great way to make sure that you get the perfect color and fit is to compare sample shingles to your home’s colors. Choose samples that best match the overall exterior hues of your home and also complementary colors for the trim and accents.

Check out different shingle options for your roof with an eye on esthetics and practicality, such as what kind of insulation and fire resistance the shingle provides. Also, take into consideration the local environment and climate. 

View Shingle Colors in Person

Whether you pick up samples from a store or view the shingles on an existing house, seeing the color in real life is better than just imagining the color from a picture. This is especially true if you’re going for a subtle change in color or for a color that is slightly different from the color of your home.

When you’re in person, you can check the exact hue and tint of the shingles and make sure they will look good on your roof. Additionally, you can compare multiple shades of the same color to find the perfect one for you. For expert advice, be sure to always consult directly with local roofing contractors who will be able to offer customized guidance on the most informed option.

Finding The Right  Color Shingles For Your Home

Choosing the right color shingles for your roof can be a daunting decision. After considering the cost, durability, and climate of your location, you can move forward in selecting. Take the time to explore the range of shingle colors and textures that are available to you and find the best fit. Contact a roofing specialist if you need further guidance.

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