This Is How to Know if an Online Canadian Pharmacy Is Legit


As Americans, we worry about the high cost of our medications. In fact, it’s safe to say that the high prices might add to the stress of our illness!

Luckily, there’s an alternative route you can take. Americans are able to buy their medication from Canadian pharmacies. These pharmacies offer high-quality medications at a much lower price for American consumers.

If you can’t make it up to the Great White North, not to worry! You can also choose an online Canadian pharmacy for your medication.

But how can you find legit online pharmacies? What are the parameters for getting medications online from Canada?

Here’s what you should know:

1. Is It Certified?

An online Canadian pharmacy has to get licenses to adhere to local laws and regulations. These licenses show that the pharmacy meets certain standards that Canadian pharmacies are expected to abide by. There should be a statement on the pharmacy’s website that it has these licenses.

The Canadian International Pharmacy Association is the governing body that gives licenses to Canadian pharmacies. If you don’t see any licenses or disclaimers, then start searching for other online pharmacies.

You also want to make sure that the pharmacy has a legal address. This could be the physical location of the pharmacy. Or it could be the business address of the company that runs the online pharmacy.

2. Are Prescriptions Required?

You will likely use the online Canadian pharmacy to buy prescription medicines. You want to make sure that the pharmacy requests a prescription from you. For example, if you wish to buy Danazol online the pharmacy should ask you to upload a prescription first.

If you are able to buy medicines without a prescription, this means that you are not dealing with a legit online pharmacy. It’s also illegal to purchase medications from a pharmacy without showing a prescription.

3. Look at the Pricing

While you are always on the lookout for a great discount you have to be skeptical about low prices on an online pharmacy. If a price is in the “too good to be true” range, then it’s likely that the business just wants to make money.

At best, discounts should not exceed 20%. If you always see sales that are over 50% all the time then you should avoid this pharmacy. You also don’t want to choose a pharmacy that has very expensive pricing.

The pricing should be reasonable for the average consumer. Canadian pharmacies will usually be cheaper than American pharmacies. However, you want to watch out if the price gap is too wide.

4. Where Does the Medicine Come from?

You want to look into where the online Canadian pharmacy gets its supply from. An online pharmacy should be clear as to where they receive their medicines.

Some online pharmacies will be associated with a physical pharmacy. Some physical pharmacies will let you buy their medicines from their online stores. Other online pharmacies will give you details on their distributors.

If you don’t see the sources of their supply, this is another pharmacy that you should avoid.

5. Check the Reviews

You should also look at online reviews for the pharmacy. If there are only a few reviews (less than 100), then this pharmacy should be avoided. You also want to make sure that over 90% of reviews for the pharmacy are positive.

You should also see if the pharmacy has reviews and testimonials on their website. This isn’t a dealbreaker, but an online pharmacy that shares reviews on their website shows credibility.

If you know other people who have bought from online Canadian pharmacies, make sure you ask them for recommendations. You should always do your own research but an endorsement from your network makes it easier. If you know any Canadians, you should also ask them what their favorite pharmacies are. You should then look up if any of these pharmacies have online marketplaces.

6. What to Look Out for

So what else do you need to look out for when choosing your online pharmacy?

You want to make sure that the website is secure. You want to make sure that if you have to create an online account that the website will protect your data. You want to choose an online pharmacy that has a variety of payment options.

You want to make sure that the payment authorization service protects your credit card information. You want to see if there are additional payment options such as PayPal or electronic checks.

Does this online pharmacy have a variety of shipping options? While you can’t always expect expedited shipping, you shouldn’t trust an online pharmacy that will take several weeks to send your medicine. You also want to find out about how the medicines get packaged. Are the medicine bottles sealed for protection? Does the package include safety items such as bubble wrap or styrofoam peanuts?

When researching the online pharmacy, you want to know if there are any instances of the wrong medicine getting sent. If this is a concern for you, find out what the procedure is to get your correct medicine in such a scenario.

7. Check With Your Health Insurance Provider

You want to check with your health insurance provider if they can help you pay for your medicines. Your health insurance provider might be able to recommend the best online Canadian pharmacy for your needs. They might even have a shortlist of pharmacies and can discuss their pros and cons.

Not all health insurance providers have connections with Canadian pharmacies. If yours does, however, make sure you get their recommendations on which ones to consider.

Find Your Online Canadian Pharmacy

Now you know the criteria to find the right online Canadian pharmacy for your needs. Make sure you follow these 7 steps to vet the different pharmacies. Take your time to research each pharmacy before choosing one.

You also want to keep in touch with FDA regulations on buying medicine from Canada. These can change at any time so make sure that you are following all laws and guidelines.

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