How to Get Rid of Brain Fog

From super foods to supplements to exercises and techniques that will help you stay focused and mentally sharp, find out how to get rid of brain fog.

Have you ever felt cloudy or out of focus in the middle of a task? Or perhaps you have trouble remembering a phrase mid-sentence? You might think it’s normal, but what exactly is it?

That odd mix of forgetfulness and distraction is brain fog. People experience it due to several reasons, like lack of sleep, overworking, or age. Still, that doesn’t mean you should keep it that way.

Leaving brain fog untreated can worsen the case. So, here’s a quick guide on how to get rid of brain fog.

Watch What You Eat

What you eat can affect how mentally focused you are throughout the day. Your brain needs the proper nutrients to operate, but you should know where to get them.

Just because your brain uses glucose as fuel doesn’t mean everything sweet counts. The best source of pure glucose comes from fruits, honey, and other whole foods.

Likewise, you should consume fat if you want to improve your thinking. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for brain health, so a low-fat diet could compromise that. But instead of concentrated fats, focus on superfoods like eggs, fish, beans, and nuts.

Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep impairs your memory and thinking process and may make you more irritable due to exhaustion. As a result, you become unable to concentrate on daily tasks and duties.

Experts recommend improving your sleeping habits by trying the following tips:

  • Avoid eating 2-3 hours before bed
  • Follow a fixed sleeping schedule
  • Reduce caffeine and sugar intake
  • Do quick exercises before bed
  • Using quality bedding, mattress, and pillow
  • Meditating with the help of aroma

Manage Stress Levels

When your stress levels get too high, it causes an imbalance in your brain’s functions. Those disruptions are what cause brain fog to occur. Moreover, it could result in other issues, like anxiety, memory loss, and insomnia.

It’s necessary to manage your stress to prevent it from harming how you think and feel. Some ways to relieve it and improve relaxation are as follows:

  • Meditate with deep breaths or stretching
  • Practice positive thinking
  • Keep things organized
  • Rest whenever necessary
  • Take time to enjoy hobbies

Be Active

Staying active increases the flow of glucose and oxygen in your brain. At the same time, it can burn off stress hormones and stimulate your brain to produce new cells. And so physical activity improves brain health and function.

Note that you don’t have to do complete sets of workouts for this. You only need to do things that keep you active and moving.

For example, you can take a morning walk at a park or ride a few lapses on a bike.

Try Supplements

Taking supplements is another way to counter brain fog symptoms. Supplements are an alternative to supply nutrients if you don’t eat enough whole foods that provide them.

Some examples include fish oil, ginseng extract, vitamin C, and others. It’s best to learn about the health benefits of each to know which ones you might need.

Find Out How to Get Rid of Brain Fog In This Guide

You might think brain fog is normal, but those symptoms can worsen if you let them be. If you’re wondering how to get rid of brain fog, you should improve your habits and focus on consuming what’s best for your brain. This way, you can also improve overall brain health.

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