Taking a Road Trip to Remember

Taking a Road Trip to Remember

With various rules and regulations remaining in place across the world, international travel is still far from being back to the way it was prior to 2020. Little wonder that many Americans are choosing to vacation within the USA this year, and the Great American Road Trip has never been more fashionable. Let’s take a look at some possible destinations and things to keep in mind if you’re planning to explore the nation’s highways and back roads.

Where to go

There are literally dozens of road trips you can take within the USA. Last year, Time Out magazine put together a list of their top 13, so that’s certainly a good place to start if you need inspiration.
Choosing your route is really a matter of personal taste. Route 66 is arguably the most famous road trip of them all, encompassing eight states and taking you back in time with numerous examples of classic Americana along its 2,500-mile route. Alternatively, if you want spectacular natural scenery, consider the Blue Ridge Parkway, taking you through the Appalachians and on to the Great Smoky Mountains. Or how about the Pacific Coast Highway for that mixture of scenery and buzzing entertainment that only California can deliver?

Choosing your vehicle

The great thing about any of the road trips we mentioned above is that the driving is relatively easy, so there’s no need for an SUV or similar. Indeed, if you’re thinking of Route 66, it can be a tempting idea to drive it in a set of classic wheels from yesteryear. Plenty of people do so, but if you join them, opt for something comfortable. Spending hours in the car each day takes its toll on the back, and driving 2,500 miles in a classic bug can start to lose its appeal after the first 30 miles or so!

Staying safe

It goes without saying that whatever vehicle you use needs to be thoroughly checked before and during the trip. But even with the best preparations, accidents can happen. Always have your insurance documents to hand, and in the event of an accident take plenty of pictures and get some legal advice. Vehicle accident lawyers at FVF have found that many drivers are unaware of just what legal rights and options they have after an accident.

Final Thoughts

A road trip is all about freedom and adventure. There’s no better place to take one than the US, and you might just find that your first will only be the beginning.

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