Stassi Schroeder – 10 Facts Every Fan Needs to Know

Stassi Schroeder Facts

Vanderpump Rules is filled with many unique personalities. And one of them is Stassi Schroeder. Stassi has always been the queen bee in the show, and you know it’s a title that is difficult to get in a show named after someone else.

Fans of Vanderpump Rules know Stassi Schroeder held much power compared to other cast members. She can dish out insults and call out anyone who wants to challenge her, especially on her birthday.

But even for many fans of the show, some still don’t know much about Stassi Schroeder. Especially things about her personal life outside of the show. This is why I have compiled ten interesting facts that every fan needs and should know about.

1. Dayna Schroeder, her mother, has a jewelry line

Have you heard of Georgi Jules before? That jewelry line is owned by Stassi’s mother, Dayna Schroeder. She also handcrafts every single piece herself. And she has been running this business since 1998. She used to take Stassi to Venice to get the materials she needed to make various designs. Stassi usually wore her mother’s handicrafts on the show Vanderpump Rules.

2. Stassi’s net worth is around $2 million

For a big star, that doesn’t sound surprising if you think about it. Her salary from Vanderpump Rules was $600,000 per season. Add her many past appearances and side ventures, and it’s not a surprise that the net worth of Stassi Shroeder is $2 million.

Besides show business, she has earned considerable money from selling her book. Her book titled Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook was a big hit among young adults.

3. Stassi loves wine

She has posted many pictures of herself enjoying wine or simply standing in front of a wine store. Many people even said that Stassi is in a relationship with wine. Stassi also has jokes about being “basic: because she loves wine so much.

4. Stassi is friends with many Bravo stars

Stassi doesn’t only hang out with the cast members of Vanderpump Rules. She hangs out with many stars from Ladies of London and Southern Charm, mainly Caroline Stanbury and Shep Rose. Stassi loves the idea that Bravo is a family, and everyone should support each other.

5. Stassi starred in Queen Bees

That’s right, Vanderpump Rules wasn’t the first TV show that Stassi starred in. She was the leading cast member of Queen Bees, a show released in 2008. It’s a show where your women live in the same house and try to improve themselves and win prizes. Stassi appeared in every episode and was crucial to the show.

6. Stassi holds a degree in English

Stassi studied and held a degree in English Writing. She got her degree from Loyola Marymount University. Stassi also wrote on the show for Vanderpump’s fashion blog with Pandora Vanderpump.

7. Stassi used to run a podcast

She used to run the Straight Up With Stassi podcast, where many big stars appeared. It was so popular on iTunes because there was so much juicy drama, which you won’t find on Vanderpump Rules. Big stars like Rachel Zoe, Olivia Caridi, Chad Johnson, and Kristin Chenoweth appear on the podcast.

Unfortunately, due to many problems involving Stassi, the podcast was removed from all platforms. Many fans have been asking her about it, but so far, there’s no update on whether she has a plan for a new podcast or not.

8. Stassi is from New Orleans

That’s right, Stassi is from the South. She was raised in New Orleans and traveled to Hollywood to chase her dream. It was a difficult and long journey, but she made it.

9. Stassi is a reality TV veteran

I have mentioned that she was in Queen Bees, and I want to add one more interesting fact: Stassi is a reality TV veteran. Before Queen Bees, Stassi and her family appeared on The Amazing Race 8 in 2005.

Other than that, she was also in three more reality series. And when asked about it, she just said it felt natural for her to appear on all these shows.

10.  Stassi was almost arrested for slapping Kristen

It happened during season 2 of Vanderpump Rules, where Stassi found that Kristen slept with Jax Taylor. During that time, Jax Taylor was Stassi’s ex, which made her furious that her best friend was sleeping with her ex. The incident was caught on camera, but Jax decided not to press charges.

That’s all the ten exciting facts about Stassi Schroeder. There might be more juicy information regarding this lovely reality TV show star in the future.

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