Smoking Or Edibles? Your All-In-One Guide to the Best Way to Get High

best way to get high

Did you know that more than 52% of Americans above 18 years have used marijuana at some point? The survey further confirmed that 44% of the people who tried are still using it. If you’re part of this statistic, the last thing you’d want is a mediocre experience when trying to get high.

Imagine getting all ready with your stash only for it to let you down? Here are some of our tried and tested tips that show you the best way to get high when taking weed.

Choose the Right Strain

The quality of the weed you’re using matters. It’s crucial to have a credible source for it. If your state has legalized the sale of marijuana, it will be easier to get quality strain from a  quality cannabis club or dispensary like mmj express.

You need to know the strain you are using for you to research more about the source. With thorough research, you’ll understand more about each of the strains’ effects depending on their phytochemical profile. You’ll even know the THC levels, which play a significant role in making one feel high.

If you’re trying out marijuana from different suppliers, you’ll realize that the traits vary. You might want to keep experimenting until you get someone offering the sensation you want.

Grind Your Weed

How you prepare your marijuana can make all the difference. The best way to get high is to have your weed fine. You’ll extend the pleasure, as you remain high for hours!

When smoking marijuana, large nuggets will not do the magic. Ground marijuana roasts well when you light it. The smoke will be cleaner, and you’ll indeed feel the difference.

You might also want to get the right weed pipes to ensure that you’re taking the marijuana in the right way. There are different sizes and styles that you can consider depending on whether you’ll be puffing solo or with a group of friends.

If regular pipes are too harsh, why not try a water bong? The water in a water bong cuts down the temperature and tars of the smoke. This results in a much smoother hit. If you are not sure where to buy a bong, just search “buy bongs online Australia” or whichever area you live in.

Inhale Deeply

If you have been inhaling weed without getting high, it’s probably time to work on how you inhale. You are limiting your experience by failing to inhale as deeply as possible. The more deeply you inhale, the easier it will be for you to get the most out of your pot.

You can start by learning how to breathe deeply. Then, consider using the best devices, such as quality weed pipes – or you could even try vaping or buying cool bongs to get the THC-rich smoke in your lungs. It’s all about your personal preference and what works best for you.

It is crucial to learn how to breathe in the THC and coat well from the inside before inhaling it slowly. When you start inhaling your stash slowly and deeply, you’ll be all high even before going for another round!

Smoke Blends

Are you wondering how to get high without overdosing on your weed? The secret is in opting for blends. Cannabis blends are the perfect solution when you want that ultimate feel. You have a wide range of options to consider when you want to mix it up.

The most common options include chamomile, Damiana, lavender, and holy basil. This combination offers you the ultimate high. Mixing it up also helps with other concerns such as anxiety. Either way, have unending options to consider for the perfect blend.

However, it’s essential to consult your physician before trying out specific combinations. This is necessary to avoid adverse reactions to your body. Even so, smoke blends are your best bet when looking to get high fast and for longer.

Consider Smoking After Workout

If you are wondering which the best way to get high is, smoking after a workout is always the deal-breaker. Most people find themselves smoking after an intense workout to relax. The brain needs time to calm down after a strenuous workout routine.

Smoking weed after a workout can cause an enhanced high you meditate. The enhanced high comes as the muscles recover from the intensity of the workout.

Research notes that exercise has a similar effect on the human brain as marijuana. When the two combine, then the effect on the mental system becomes immense. The strong high can be a perfect ending to a long and engaging workout routine.

Change the Way You Consume Weed

Most people tend to focus mainly on smoking marijuana, whereas there are several ways of taking this magic pot. A recent study showed that smoking weed in moderation could improve lung function. This position is probably the reason why most marijuana users prefer to puff.

You’d be surprised at the changing sensation once you adjust your way of taking the weed. Edibles will be a great alternative if you have been smoking without little or no impact. You can get your favorite edibles in different flavors.

If you have not tried dabs and edibles, you’re missing the best cannabis products. They are both high potency, meaning you won’t struggle to get high. To find them, simply Google “cheap concentrates online Canada” or whichever area you are in. Now you can find out an online dispensary to fill your needs.

Consider a Tolerance Break

If you have tried all the recommended tips for the best way to get high without success, it’s time to take a tolerance break. Your body might have probably gotten used to the stash leading to diminishing results. Instead of over-exposure or over-indulging, take a break.

The next time you smoke or take your edible marijuana, it will be stronger than you can imagine! A month is enough for the cannabinoids to leave your system. If staying away from cannabis products is hard, you can get support from other marijuana users who have been in the same state.

Knowing the Best Way to Get High Is the Goal of Any Marijuana User

The goal of most recreational marijuana users is to get high. Unfortunately, some users don’t get to the expected fantasy level, whether they smoke or use edibles. It is crucial to understand the easiest and best way to get high for you to enjoy your weed to the fullest.

You should start by getting your weed and devices from a trusted supplier. With the right weed quality, the chances are that getting high won’t be a problem.

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