Pane in the Glass: How to Temporarily Fix a Broken Window

Whether your window is cracked or broken, how do you temporarily fix a broken window until a professional can get there? Click here to find out.

There are over two million burglaries every year, which is why fixing a broken window is crucial.

Aside from break-ins, leaving broken glass unattended is dangerous, lets in the elements, and looks terrible. But there are ways to fix this temporarily and they don’t break the bank. Perhaps you’re currently in this position, but you’re not sure what to do next. 

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to temporarily fix a broken window. 

Remove Any Shattered Glass 

Before we dive into how to fix a broken window, it’s important to remove any shattered glass. Make sure you wear heavy-duty gloves to remove the fragments. You may need to push the glass to remove it, so do this so it’s facing away from you. 

Use Glue Or Nail Polish to Fix Small Cracks

Once you’ve figured out the window replacement cost, grab superglue or nail polish to fix any small cracks. This is often caused by hail, storms, or even by tiny rocks that get thrown out from underneath a lawnmower. 

Regardless, dust any small pieces of glass with a toothbrush, then paint the small crack. The goal is to get it deep into the crack so that it’s effective. Then, once the glue or nail polish has dried, remove any excess residue with a razor blade. 

Repeat this several times until the broken window has been filled in. 

Cover Large Cracks With Tape 

Another handy trick for window repair is covering large cracks with tape. Start by removing any glass debris as it will prevent splinters from forming around the crack. Then, fix clear tape over the crack and then cover it with duct tape for further protection. 

As a general rule, keep the length of the packaging tape longer than the crack in the glass. This should stay in place until you get a window replacement. 

Use a Plastic Sheet 

Before ringing a window replacement company, cover your window with heavy-duty plastic so it can temporarily protect you from the elements. Make sure you’ve measured the area and cut the material accordingly. 

Next, attach this with duct tape but, if you have a wooden frame, then use a staple gun so it stays in place. Don’t have a plastic sheet available? Then bubble wrap or even a trash bag work just a well. 

But because this is a temporary measure, it’s important to find a reliable window replacement company so they can return your home to normal. You can do this by asking loved ones for recommendations and reading online reviews for honest feedback.  

How to Temporarily Fix a Broken Window

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know how to temporarily fix a broken window. 

Start by wearing the right protective gear, remove any glass debris, and use glue to fill in any chips. You could also use a plastic sheet or cover cracks with tape, depending on the severity. Good luck! 

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