What Are the Main Types of Countertops for Your Kitchen?

There are several types of countertops that you have to choose from for your kitchen. Learn more about these options right here.

Renovating your kitchen can be intimidating and can be a lot of work. In fact, a kitchen renovation can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks.

Perhaps you are interested in upgrading your countertops. Other than choosing materials for your cabinets, choosing countertop materials may be an arduous task.

Fortunately, this guide will show you the main types of countertops and help you choose which one is best for your kitchen. Read on to find out more!


Granite countertops provide a timeless, classic look to any kitchen, making them a popular choice for homeowners. Granite is renowned for its durability and stain resistance, as well as its natural beauty. Available in a variety of hues, granite countertops are available in several main types.

  • Polished 
  • Honed 
  • Flamed
  • Leather
  • Brushed
  • Tumbled


One popular kitchen countertops is laminate, as it’s an economical solution that is available in a variety of aesthetic options. The main types of laminate countertops include:

  • High-pressure laminate (HPL)
  • Direct-pressure laminate (DPL)
  • Low-pressure laminate (LPL)

Laminate countertops can be a great solution for any kitchen remodel project.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile countertops offer a classic look that many homeowners enjoy. They are attractive, durable, and come in a variety of colors and styles. Ceramic tiles also offer good heat resistance. The most popular shapes of tiles are square or rectangular, but many specialty stores also offer different shapes, sizes, and colors.

They are also scratch and stain resistant, making them well-suited for busy kitchens. As a downside, ceramic tile is prone to chipping and cracking. And can collect condensation, resulting in a slippery surface.


Soapstone countertops offer a timeless aesthetic to any kitchen while also providing a durable and easy-to-clean surface. They are nonporous, meaning they won’t stain, harbor bacteria or viruses, or allow liquids to seep in. Soapstone is naturally bacteria, mould and mildew-resistant due to its high talc content. There are different types of sopastone countertops sych as:

  • Antique
  • Leathered
  • Honed

All types are sealed to provide a lasting shine. Soapstone is a great option for those looking for a long-lasting, beautiful countertop.


Concrete countertops come in two main types of countertops, integral and precast. Integral countertops are those that are poured in the shop and then transferred to the site for installation. On the other hand, precast are brought to the site pre-made and installed.

The integral countertops are a great addition to a beautiful kitchen because of the customizability they offer. Precast countertops offer a good option as well, since they are cheaper, easier to install and still give off the modern feel of the integral countertops. Concrete countertops are an ideal option for anyone seeking a stylish and unique way to upgrade the look of their kitchen.

Choose From the Best From These Types of Countertops

Overall, selecting the right types of countertops for your kitchen depends on getting the right balance of material durability, functionality, and style.

There are a variety of countertop materials to choose from, and ultimately it all comes down to personal taste and budget. Explore your options and look for the best choice for your home. Contact your local contractor today for more information and help to select the best countertops for you.

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