New Home Furniture Checklist: 3 Items to Be Thrifty With and 2 to Splurge On

Ready to fill your new home with beautiful furniture? Read here to see which to splurge vs. save on with our helpful new home furniture checklist.

In the U.S., the median listing price for a home is $226,800. Even when adjusted for inflation, that’s more than triple the price of a home in the 1960s. 

Despite the high price tag, many Americans still become home owners each day. It just means they need to be more intentional with their budget. 

The trouble is, you still have to get furniture for your home in addition to your mortgage. 

Luckily, using a new home furniture checklist can help. Read on to find out which furniture to splurge on and where you should hold back. 

Splurge On a Good Quality Sofa

A living room sofa is where you’ll spend most of your time relaxing. You’ll probably sit on it every single day and it will likely take up the most space in the room. 

Look for a sofa that’s well-made and has solid framing and structured cushions. Opt for a classic design over a trendy one so you can adapt it to different color schemes over the years. 

While any sofa will break down after years of heavy use, investing in a high quality piece of furniture will pay off in the long run.  

Splurge On Your Bed and Mattress

The only piece of furniture you’ll use more than your sofa is your bed. In a 5-day work week, you’ll have spent the same amount of time sleeping as you did at the office. 

A good night’s sleep is key to your wellbeing, so you should make your bed frame and mattress a priority in your budget. A new bed frame should have high-quality craftsmanship and provide sturdy support for a mattress.

When you go mattress shopping, make sure to lay on any given mattress for at least 15 minutes. You might keep your mattress for the next 10 years, so make sure it won’t lead to aches and pains. 

Save On a Dining Room Table

A great dining room table might be on your wishlist, but it doesn’t need to be a priority if money’s tight.

Look for a dining room table at thrift stores, garage sales, antique malls, or even on Craigslist. You’ll likely find some well-made furniture that might just need a little polishing. It’s a great way to save on furniture.

Plus, if your family grows over the years you might need a larger table or a differently shaped one to fit in a smaller space. 

Save On Light Fixtures

Light fixtures like lamps, chandeliers, and floor lamps can transform the style and brightness of any room. But, you can often find great fixtures on sale or secondhand. 

Plus, you can even use some DIY tricks to upcycle thrift store lamps for very little cost. 

Save On Artwork and Decor

Area rugs, wall art, and accent pieces can transform the style of a room. But, you may also want to swap these items out as your tastes change. 

If you save money on accent artwork and throw pillows, you can afford to switch things up more often. You can easily refresh your space by spending less than $100 on a new rug and some wall art.  

Create Your New Home Furniture Checklist Today

A new home furniture checklist will keep your budget on track as you furnish your home. Plus, you won’t forget to buy any critical pieces of furniture like a sofa or bed.

For more tips on caring for your home, keep scrolling through our blog. 

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