Cannabis Still Gets the Wrong Attention

Cannabis Still Gets the Wrong Attention

At the beginning of 2023, a lacrosse team from Iowa State and on travel status made the odd decision to park their university team vehicle within visible proximity to a Colorado dispensary. While cannabis use legalization is well-known in the state, the activity isn’t accepted nationwide. As it turned out, the lacrosse team ended up being suspended from traveling to games. No one, interestingly, was cited for the use of cannabis; they were simply parked outside a dispensary. A photograph of the same was all the university needed to take action against the team (it didn’t help the same school’s president received a speeding ticket in a university car at about the same time).

People are Still Hung Up on Stigmas

The situation with the Iowa lacrosse team has escalated significantly, especially as legal civil rights groups have found an issue to focus on—an overreaction without concrete evidence of any wrongdoing. The instance also shows that, despite adults being involved and the well-known presence of legalization in Colorado, old sentiments about cannabis aren’t going away. Social rules still very much apply, putting a stigma on any kind of association with cannabis, whether proven or not.

Colorado Dispensaries Take Care of Their Customers

Every step taken with today’s dispensaries is about quality products, customer support, education, and most importantly, compliance with Colorado laws. The fact is, especially for travelers, the world is still a mixed place when it comes to cannabis. Colorado in particular is a combination of different territories, other states within driving distance, and lots of federal national parks and wilderness areas as well. Thus, it’s incredibly simple for travelers to enter the state, acquire cannabis, and inadvertently land themselves in trouble when traveling to other places. Having a good understanding of what is allowed in Colorado versus other territories is a very smart idea before traveling and then being surprised.

Colorado dispensaries like Mountain Annie’s Cannabis Ridgway make a point to keep regular customers informed and up to date on changes in product, treatment, and consumption as well as news on what’s happening in nearby states. This kind of community support goes a long way in helping folks enjoy cannabis properly without worrying about their life-changing upside down.

Phone or Email With Questions

If you’re not sure what to expect when coming to a Colorado dispensary, and if there are any concerns about going back to your home state, call a dispensary and ask. There’s nothing wrong with picking up the phone and getting additional information from a real person. A bit of prevention can be worth a truckload of damage control. Enjoy your cannabis when traveling instead of spending months dealing with a headache.

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