Metal Madness: A Complete Steel vs Aluminum Fence Comparison

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Did you know half of all fences that are sold are metal? Do you know the specific differences between a steel vs. aluminum fence? Depending upon your fencing needs, you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons of both fences. No matter which one you choose, you are getting a quality metal fence for your home. 

Learn more about which metal fence you should purchase. 

Steel Fence Benefits

Steel comes along with the highest rating because of its ability to offer excellent security and strength. Once this fence is installed, it is going to last a long time because of its sturdiness. 

Steel fencing is visually appealing. These fences look pleasant, professional and don’t lose their appearance over time. They also come in different designs. You can choose which one fits your home best. 

Steel fences come in many shapes and sizes. You can purchase small fences as a decoration that can be used throughout your yard and serve no other purpose. On the other hand, you can purchase steel fences that are sturdy and provide maximum security. 

If the steel material needs to be shipped, this will add in some additional dollars to the cost. This happens because steel is heavy. This weight is going to be to your advantage because it will stand up to multiple weather conditions. 

Homeowners often choose steel because of the security it provides. If you’re looking to keep out unwanted guests, this is going to be the best choice.

Be sure to learn more about the best fence contractor in your neighborhood, so you can have your fence installed in no time. 

When it comes to choosing steel, there are three different options. 

Steel Picket 

Steel picket is becoming a more popular option day by day. This is because there are so many advantages and it looks nice.

Like many other fences, there is no maintenance involved with this fence. Even if it is sitting on the moisture-filled ground, it can withstand these conditions for at least ten years.

If some dirt, mud, or debris would become apparent on the metal, it is simply able to be cleaned with a wet cloth. In this case, you can insert the fencing and forget about it. 

Colorbond Steel

This steel is virtually pleasing on the inside and outside. It looks the same on both sides, which can be an almost impossible look for wooden fences. Since this is a metal material, there is no worry about termites or other insects damaging the fence. 

As a bonus, you can choose from 14 different colors. This will give your backyard a great, inviting look. Since this fence is solid, it is going to provide you with the perfect privacy. 

It is also from 100% recycled material, so you’re helping to keep the environment safe. This fence is also easy to maintain. You can wash the fence if you need to, but you don’t have to maintain it every month. 

Tubular Steel

This material is solid and thick, which is why it can take on any project. It is very affordable because the material can go a long way. Unlike other materials, it is great against weather conditions, power washing, and shock-resistant. 

One disadvantage is it cannot bend. You are going to see it snap because it is so brittle. This kind of fencing is not attractive. It does not get someone to purchase it because of looks.

This kind of steel is incredibly heavy. No matter how manufacturers try to make it, it is going to remain heavy. 

Steel Fence Disadvantages 

Steel is heavy. It takes a lot to put it into the ground. This is not a project many people can do themselves. You’ll need to have a lot of help or hire someone to do the job for you. 

Although steel is cheap to install, you’re paying for it when it comes to the material. Some people like a different look after a couple of years, so purchasing a steel fence is not ideal in this case. 

Steel does have the ability to rust. It is often advertised to be rust-resistant, but this does not mean that it is rust-proof. The screws that hold the fence together are the first to begin to rust. This can cause a problem over time. 

Aluminum Fence Benefits 

If you’re looking to have a fence in your yard for looks, to keep small animals in, and to provide minimum privacy, then this fence is the right option for you. 

Aluminum fences are the most easily recycled of all metals. This allows you to make a green impact on the environment. 

Aluminum is going to be the cheaper option when compared to iron and steel fences. An added benefit is that it is extremely cheap to ship. You won’t waste any money on the cost of shipping the material. 

Aluminum Fence Disadvantages

Aluminum is always going to lose to a steel fence because of the strength. Aluminum is easy to bend and break, while steel can withstand a bit more tension. 

Anything can damage the fence. For example, bigger animals such as dogs, bears, and cows can damage a fence. 

Kids are also able to bend and break the fence by climbing on it. This particular metal fence is not ideal for security purposes of keeping people and animals out. This is only ideal in the suburbs, where it is used for looks. 

Steel vs. Aluminum Fence 

If you’re thinking about adding a fence to your property, you’ve come to the right place. Deciding on a steel vs. aluminum fence is the hardest step, but it is the right one. Not only is a metal fence able to offer you privacy, but it also looks appealing to the eye. 

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