12 Things to Know for a Successful Shower Replacement

There are many reasons to replace your shower, but there are some things to know. This guide explains 12 things to know for a successful shower replacement.

Are you wondering if you should replace your shower? It can be a great idea, one that boosts the overall comfortability of your home. 

Improving your home offers many benefits. Just by updating or remodeling, you can increase your space, make maintenance easier, customize your home, and even increase the property value. In many cases, making several small changes can add up to a major impact. 

One of the best rooms to upgrade in your home is the bathroom. One of the most value-adding upgrades to make is a shower replacement. 

Aside from improving the style of your bathroom, you can boost safety with slip-resistant tiles, implement energy-efficient components, and take advantage of the latest and greatest features. In a nutshell, a shower replacement can transform your bathroom. 

As with any other upgrade, replacing your shower can quickly turn into a stressful and money-wasting experience. If you do not have a solid plan and prepare properly, you can find yourself stuck in a remodeling nightmare. 

If you are considering replacing your shower but want to know how to make the remodel successful, these are the things you need to consider. 

1. What Is the Cost of Replacing a Shower? 

The first thing you need to know is the cost to replace a shower. If you start the remodel without any idea of what your costs will be, you can easily find yourself spending much more than necessary. Do your research on shower replacement costs and create a reasonable budget to follow. 

2. What Is Your Goal for the Remodel? 

An essential thing to know before getting started is your goal for the remodel. Your goal can be purely aesthetic or you might want to create a better flow or increase the functionality of your bathroom. By knowing your goal, you can stay on track and make sure you have a result you love. 

3. How Extensive Will the Remodel Be? 

One essential question to wonder is how extensive the remodel will be. Will it take weeks or months? 

Does the remodel involve expanding the bathroom, removing walls, or more? By understanding how extensive the remodel will be, you can make sure you are well-prepared. 

4. Should You DIY or Hire a Professional? 

One of the most important things to know before your shower replacement is if you need to hire a professional. While you can DIY your remodel, if you do not have experience or training, you might want to leave the job to the professionals. Aside from having a better finish, you can also take advantage of a warranty if you hire a contractor. 

5. What Are the Best Materials to Use?

Have you thought about the materials you will use for your new shower? If not, it’s something to think about. There are all kinds of materials available that range in quality and effectiveness. Revisit your budget and decide what types of materials you will use. 

6. Are You Opting for Energy Efficiency? 

One of the many benefits of replacing your shower is boosting your energy efficiency. During the remodel, you can make changes to reduce both your water usage and energy consumption. If you have not considered energy efficiency, make sure to include it in your plan. 

7. How Big Will the Shower Be?

One thing to consider is the size of your shower. While you can replace your shower and leave the size as it is, you can also add value by adding space. However, you might need to take the space from another room, which is something you need to weigh the pros and cons of. 

8. Where Will the Drain Be Placed?

Something you need to know before installing your shower is where the drain will be placed. If you are making significant changes to your shower, you might need to move your drain. This can add to your expenses, which is something to consider. 

9. Will You Be Using Custom Features and Elements?

An essential decision you have to make is what features and elements you will use in your new shower. The components you use not only add to the look of the shower but can also impact the functionality. Make sure you are using fixtures that are helping you reach your goal for the remodel. 

10. What Tiles Will You Use?

Tiles are a major part of any bathroom remodel, especially a shower replacement. The tiles you choose can make or break your budget, design, and overall functionality of your shower. Make sure you are carefully considering your options when choosing tiles. 

11. Does the Plumbing Need to Be Upgraded? 

Will you need to upgrade your plumbing when replacing your shower? This is an important question to ask yourself during the planning process. If your plumbing is outdated, upgrading it can add to the value and functionality of your home. However, upgrading your plumbing will likely add thousands of dollars to your expenses, which is something to think about. 

12. How Easy Will the Shower Be to Maintain? 

One thing to know when installing a new shower is how easy the new shower will be to maintain. Some choices you make, such as using real stone tiles or adding grout, can require intensive maintenance. Make sure you know the maintenance requirements of all of your choices before completing the final draft of your design. 

This Is What You Need to Know For a Successful Shower Replacement

There are several factors to consider to ensure you have a successful shower replacement.

You need to know the cost of a replacement and your goal for the remodel. You should also know if you need a professional and what materials you should use for the best result. Most importantly, you should know your design plan and everything you need to install the shower of your dreams. 

Consider these factors and you’ll be well on your way to loving your new shower.

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