Is Living in Toronto Worth It?

Is moving to Toronto a good idea? What is it like to live in Toronto? Click here to learn everything you need to know about Toronto living.

If you want to live in Toronto, congratulations! It’s one of the most diverse, exciting cities in Canada.

As the home of famous celebrities, award-winning restaurants, and alluring job opportunities, Toronto might be the perfect place for you. But if this represents a big move for you, it’s time to do your research!

That way, living in Toronto won’t come as a surprise to you. You’ll be prepared for everything that comes your way, from high-scale dining to sky-high housing costs.

We’ve assembled a guide to living in Toronto so you know exactly what to look forward to!

Toronto Is a Diverse City

Canada, by and large, has generous immigration policies when compared to other nations. As one of the major cities on the eastern coast of North America, that means Toronto has a lot of diversity.

From Indian grocers to Jewish synagogues, there’s something for everyone here. With a priority placed on welcoming, diverse policies, Toronto is a great place to be.

However, it’s also not mandatory to speak French to get a job here. In other cities in Canada, French is as common as English. So if you’re an English-only speaker, know that you won’t have a language barrier in Toronto.

Meet Your Neighbors

There’s a famous stereotype that all Canadians are overly genial, bending over backward to avoid conflict and make new friends. While this isn’t exactly true, long-time residents can’t deny that Toronto is simply a friendly city!

For instance, most streetcar drivers will wait for you if you’re running to catch it. You may get invites to dinner from people you meet at restaurants or standing in line for coffee.

While you should always be cautious, embrace the friendly nature of Toronto! It’s why many people choose to move here.

Arts and Culture

If you’re interested in living in Toronto, consider one of its main claims to fame: 80 film festivals! From the Toronto International Film Festival to the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, there’s something for everyone.

These film festivals are a massive cultural event, with an opportunity to connect with new friends or reunite with old ones who come to see the festival.

It’s a great opportunity to participate in Canada’s culture and stay up-to-date on the world.

If film festivals aren’t your thing, consider that Toronto has over 200 performing arts organizations. There are also hundreds of monuments, art pieces, and so much more.

One thing’s for sure—if you’re living in Toronto, you’ll never be bored!

Safety Is Key

What are the best places to live in Toronto for families? Of course, avoiding nightlife districts are good for families. There will always be bad neighborhoods in every populous city.  When it comes to choosing the best areas in Toronto for families with kids, safety is often a top priority.

But when it comes to Toronto, the entire city is quite safe. If you come from crime-ridden places, you may be quite shocked. There’s a list of the 50 safest cities in the world, and Toronto ranks #4 on that list.

Not bad, particularly if you’re single or moving with a family and are invested in your safety! Toronto has you covered.

Get Outdoors

If you’re not familiar with Toronto—or with Canada in general—you may believe the stereotypes that Canada is a land of 24/7 ice and snow. In Toronto, this certainly isn’t the case.

Toronto has a lovely summer, and the lakes support getting outside and enjoying it. Not a fan of water sports? No worries!

This city has over 120 miles of walking and biking trails. There are also 1,600 parks, including areas where you can camp, too. Toronto is known as a city of parks, and there’s a good reason why.

Toronto Winters

It isn’t all ice and snow—but you’ll spend a lot of your time in Toronto living in wintertime! If you come from a more southern climate, it’s important to be mentally prepared.

Winter can last from November to May. And while a Toronto winter is mild compared to other major cities, such as Montreal or Calgary, it’s still a big deal!

For many Torontonians, the issue isn’t the temperature itself. It’s the wind chill. You’ll need to invest in some serious winter gear!

If you live in Toronto, you may find that this bustling city seems to ‘hibernate’ for half the year. While there are still activities going on, it’s not the same as it is during the summer.

If you’re contemplating a move to Toronto, it’s worthwhile to visit during the wintertime. That way, you get a view of Toronto at its ‘worst’.

However, if you enjoy the winter months, Toronto may be perfect for you.

Cost of Living

As listed above, Toronto is definitely a fantastic place to live. But what about the cost of living in Toronto?

Toronto is a city of high housing costs, but many industries offer high salaries to go along with it. Depending on the industry you’re in and the salary you command, you may be able to keep up.

Know that living in the thick of the action, in downtown areas, may not be feasible. For instance, a condo could reach up to 2000 CAD per month. Purchasing a house is out of the question for many Torontonians.

What’s the salary needed to live in Toronto? The average household makes up to 100,000 CAD per year. These types of earnings are sustainable for the housing market in Toronto, but it still may be a stretch if you have a tight budget or need a larger house for a big family.

If you want to find out more about Toronto real estate, learn more here.

Do You Want to Live in Toronto?

If you want to live in Toronto, congratulations! It’s one of the most beautiful, diverse cities in Canada. If you want to enjoy arts, culture, world-class dining, and so much more, it’s a great place to move.

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