How to Use the Pillow between Legs for Back Pain

back pain pillows

Lumbar support pillows are designed to provide support to the whole backbone, from the neck right up to the spine as long as they are being used. They can be used while sitting, watching TV, at work, or even driving.

Not to forget, these pillows from can be used even when traveling by air or by land. They are more effective when they are being used when one is sleeping.

You can also use it consistently during travel, regardless of whether you are seated on a car, a train, or even a plane. It is especially effective and valuable when one is sleeping in their bed. The lumbar pillow supports the backbone while strengthening and straightening the spine. Here are some ways to make use of the lumbar pillow when sleeping.

When sleeping on your side

Sleeping sideward is always recommended by doctors so one can sleep peacefully. Thinking the lumbar support pillow will be useless? Well, that is not true at all as it can be used in the following ways.

  • Sleeping on the side is okay as long as the whole body is in contact with the mattress.
  • Next, quietly push the back pillow between the knees; it is particularly useful to ease the pain around the lower back pain.
  • If the waist does not touch the mattress, the back support pillow can be substituted to fill the gap.
  • People who sleep one-sided always can likely suffer from a muscle imbalance which can be easily corrected with a lumbar pillow. This will help the user to sleep more peacefully without any disturbance.

When sleeping in the fetal position

The fetal position is like that to-go-posture that most people plunge into when they feel extremely tired or stressed. This position is sometimes recommended by physical therapists for people who have back injuries. Here is how to use the lumbar support with this posture:

  • Start by lying down on the back, and then slightly turn over to the side.
  • Gently bring the knees closer to the chest area. Once a comfortable position is spotted, try to push the upper back to the knees till the whole body turns to the child-like position. 
  • Also, stop using the same side all the time. Also, try to utilize the lumbar pillow between the knees and switch sides regularly to keep the balance.

When sleeping on your stomach

Take note of how much kids love this posture and how deep and restful they are when they do? As an adult, it is usually not advisable to increase the load of the stomach. Well, with the lumbar support pillow between the knees one can enjoy this posture.

  • Simply lie on the back and slowly turn over on the stomach.
  • Take the back pillow and position it below the lower abdomen, very close to the pelvis. This will help in balancing the extra load on the back. With this position, there is no need to use a pillow as the lumbar support covers it all.

When sleeping on your back

A back sleeper? Here is how the leg knee pillow support can be used:

  • Lie down on the back normally
  • Take the lumbar pillow below the knees till a comfortable position is spotted. This will aid in maintaining the curve of the spine around the lower area.
  • In need of extra support or comfort, roll a towel to support the back.

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