How to Hire a Landscaping Contractor: Everything You Need to Know

Finding the right professional for a landscaping project requires knowing your options. Here is everything to know about how to hire a landscaping contractor.

There are plenty of great benefits that come with having your garden. Not only can your meals become healthier and more flavorful, but you can also feel more connected with nature. If you want to set up a garden in your backyard, we can help.

Not too long ago, we wrote a short guide on how to build a raised garden bed. In that post, we discussed everything you can start growing in your garden. One way to get even more value out of a garden is to hire a landscaping contractor to take care of it.

Not sure if that is the right choice for you? Then read below for a quick guide on everything you need to know before hiring a landscaping contractor.

Research Landscape Contractor

Start by asking for referrals from people you know who have used a landscaping contractor in the past and researching online. Look for customer reviews better to understand the contractor’s reputation and quality of work. Once you have narrowed your list, contact each contractor and ask for an estimate and their credentials.

When selecting your contractor, consider their experience, expertise, and portfolio after considering your options, like the contractor who best meets your criteria and budget. Finally, signing a contract with the contractor is advised to ensure all requirements are met.

Get Referrals

Ask neighbors, family, and friends who they have used in the past and get feedback on the residential landscaping experience—reading online reviews on social media platforms and looking for recommended local businesses is also helpful. 

Once you have multiple names, it’s essential to do some research. Check that the contractors have the necessary licenses and liability insurance. Ask for references and contact those references to ensure their experience was positive.

Get Estimates in Writing

When getting estimates in writing for a landscaping contractor, it is essential always to request a written estimate. This will provide an itemized list of services and materials that will be needed, as well as an estimated job cost. Asking this in writing can help avoid any potential misunderstandings or issues in the future.

Be sure to compare the estimates you receive from contractors like, and check if the estimates include additional fees. This can help ensure you get the best possible deal for your project.

Look for Red Flags

When considering hiring a landscaping contractor, it is essential to look for red flags. One might ask for references and include any past clients in the potential contractor’s network that can be used to evaluate their artistry and output quality. Any potential contractor’s reaction to this request will provide insight into their professionalism.

Before signing, it is encouraged to look at a contractual agreement that details the scope of work, quality assurance, timeline, insurance, and contractor liability. An effective contractor should be reliable, accountable and deliver the product within the budget and time agreement.

Hire a Landscaping Contractor

Hire a landscaping contractor and improve your property’s look and value. Getting the right fit for your needs is essential for the best results. Research, compare professionals, and ask for references to ensure you hire the best contractor. Get your project off to the right start by finding a professional contractor today.

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