How to Get the Spark Back in Your Relationship

Are you longing to feel the way you did when you first started dating your partner? Here is a guide on how to get the spark back in your relationship.

Can you believe that 12% of married people recently polled say that they haven’t had sex with their partner in at least three months? And 4.9% of men and 6.5% of women said that it had been a year!

If you aren’t shocked by those numbers, you may be already wondering how to get the spark back in your relationship. Once you get past the first month, it gets easier to find excuses not to have sex. It’s time to look for excuses to get back into doing the horizontal tango with your spouse!

Keep reading if you want to find some tips to getting sexy again.

Take Sex off the Table

If you want to get the spark back in your marriage, you need to ignite it again. That means creating intimacy. Without intimacy, sex is forced and uncomfortable.

Intimacy makes you want to make love. Intimacy is where the spark is!

Agree that there is no pressure for sex for a week or two but focus on being intimate with each other. That means touching.

Snuggle, hold hands, kiss, or give each other a massage. Enjoy being close to each other.

When you don’t have to focus on sex, the intimacy of touching can be comforting and can lead to arousal. After the decided amount of time is over, you’ll see all kinds of sparks!

How to Get the Spark Back With Positive Affirmations

One of the best pieces of marriage advice involves telling your partner that you still care. You may assume that they know, but men and women with relationship problems frequently say, “He never tells me he loves me anymore.”

You can use other positive affirmations to make your partner feel more connected to you. Tell him how wonderful he is with the kids. Let her know that you appreciate how she manages her career and family life so well.

One of the best tips on fixing a sexless marriage is telling your partner how great they are. Everyone likes to hear that they are appreciated and seen.

Spend More Time Together

There is a reason that one of the tips on fixing a sexless marriage is to go on a vacation together. Many couples have relationship issues because they spend so much time apart. Going on a vacation together gives them time to reconnect.

If you want to start your romantic getaway off right, why not try a private jet or plane? There is no other way to travel that is more romantic. Now it is easier and more affordable than ever due to sites like Jettly. On sites like these, you can charter anything from a small Cessna to a jumbo jet.

You may think you have a broken relationship, but couples often just get bored. They need stimulation. Break out of old routines and take a day to go and do something different together.

You don’t need to do something expensive or exotic. Take the kids to grandma’s house and explore part of your city that you have never been to. The simplest activities can give you time to be alone together and connect.

See the Sparks Fly Again

One of the best pieces of relationship advice to learn how to get the spark back in your marriage is to remember what made you feel sparks in the first place. Remember who you fell for all those years ago.

Then, make connections to who your partner is today. Sparks are still there. You can’t see them if you’re too busy or distracted with the other parts of your life.

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