Stepping Into Comfort: The Role of Professional Pedorthists in Alleviating Foot Pain

Stepping Into Comfort: The Role of Professional Pedorthists in Alleviating Foot Pain

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ABC-credentialed pedorthists have advanced education and training in assessing lower limb anatomy, biomechanics, gait analysis, shoe and foot orthotic fabrication, design, and fitting.

Custom Insoles

We all know it’s common to experience foot pain after a long day at work, running, or walking. While many over-the-counter remedies can help alleviate pain from such strain, the best way to prevent long-term issues is by consulting professional pedorthists in Ottawa – specialized care for foot pain and conditions for specific individualized advice and prescription orthotics to fit into your shoes or sneakers.

Custom insoles are medical devices that create molds or 3D images of your feet. They can address various foot conditions, from flat feet and hammertoes to bunions and high arches, and correct gait abnormalities such as overpronation and structural misalignment.

Over-the-counter shoe inserts are made of a soft material that cradles the foot to provide cushioning and support. They may be made for a specific shoe or activity, such as running, or designed to fight odors. They are typically less durable or long-lasting than a pair of custom orthotics.

Modified Footwear

Credentialed pedorthists are experts in designing, manufacturing, fitting, and modifying footwear and orthotics that alleviate lower limb problems and pain. They are also compression fit certified and can make footwear or other orthotic devices vital to your overall treatment plan.

Modifications to shoes can be as simple as adding a lift in one shoe to help someone with a leg length discrepancy feel and walk level. Or, they may include a wedge in the sole to change the angle of the shoe’s footbed inward or outward. It can reduce stress on arthritic knees and take pressure off the forefoot, making walking easier.


Many people with foot problems require footwear or orthoses to alleviate discomfort and improve function. These are devices fabricated, constructed, or fitted by credentialed pedorthists to a doctor’s prescription.

A pedorthist often begins with a detailed physical examination and then reviews the physician’s prescription. They may recommend other things, such as stretching exercises or better shoes, and they will also discuss lifestyle factors that could affect the condition.

Pedorthists have extensive education in human anatomy and physiology, foot mechanics, gait analysis, lower-extremity orthotic fabrication and materials, shoe construction and modification, and patient/practice management. In addition, they must complete 1,000 hours of practical experience to earn their certification. It helps them understand how to solve a specific patient’s situation best. This approach has resulted in positive outcomes for thousands of patients with foot injuries.

The Shoe Doctor

Walking to the mailbox or down the hall to a meeting might be daily, but it can become painful when you’re constantly on your feet. That’s why it’s essential to see a professional when you’re experiencing foot pain and to talk with your doctor about the issue. A credentialed pedorthist can help with conservative treatments, including footwear and orthotics, to improve lower-limb biomechanics, alleviate pain, and provide comfort.

ABC-certified pedorthists are highly educated in gait analysis, anatomy and pathology of the lower limbs, foot, shoe mechanics, orthotic design, fabrication and clinical fitting, and patient management. Their expertise in addressing lower-limb injuries, pain, and discomfort can help you lead a more active lifestyle. Bunions, for example, can be painful and inhibit movement if not appropriately treated. Adding stretchable uppers, providing generous widths, and modifying the last can alleviate this problem and help you return to the activities you love. Pedorthists also enable people with diabetes to manage their condition by providing proper footwear and recommending custom-made or over-the-counter orthotics.

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