5 Questions To Ask Your Landscaper Before Starting Custom Masonry Work

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Are you new to masonry work?

If you want to sell your house, do your best to increase the resale value. To do this, start improving your property’s landscape.

When combined with custom masonry, it enhances the curb appeal of your yard. However, you might not know about masonry work and how it works with landscaping. It’s especially when it’s your first time improving your property.

If you’re new to landscaping and masonry, keep reading our guide. These are the five questions you need to ask to prepare your yard for landscaping.

1. What Kind of Maintenance to Expect?

Outsourcing plants from another locality will come with various costs and risks. After all, some plants come from places with endemic diseases. It might harbor some microbes that could harm your family.

Another concern is the plant’s health. They might not fit your area’s climate conditions and wither as a result.

When this happens, does the contractor offer replacement policies? 

Ask this question to learn the contractor’s replacement and maintenance responsibilities.  

2. Timeline of the Project

Learn of the estimated completion time of the project. It helps know what to do when the contractor starts working. It allows you to determine the kind of disruption the project entails.

Also, it helps plan how to add the stone masonry work to your yard. Keep in mind, the soil needs time to settle and stabilize before adding any brick. 

3. Cost of the Project

You have your vision for the landscaping work. However, what if the cost is too high? Always ask about the cost of the project to make sure it doesn’t break your budget.

If you think you need to lower the cost, ask the contractor for suggestions. 

Every contractor has an alternative plan to make your masonry work cost more manageable. It helps you adjust your budget and get the landscaping and masonry work necessary.

4. Does the Contractor do Outdoor Structures?

To complete your landscaping vision, you will want a fountain or maybe an outdoor kitchen. Few contractors offer these as part of their service. If you want one in the yard, ask about their services.

If you need concrete structures built along with the landscaping, masonry by imperial can accommodate your needs. 

5. Will the Stone Sink in the Future?

Stonemasonry work needs stable soil so it doesn’t sink. If you plan to have brick pathways, inform the contractor about your plans. It will help get your desired custom masonry work without the risk of degrading in the future. 

Plan the Yard Masonry Work Today

The right masonry work ensures that you never waste your home investments. Use this guide now to make sure you get the right specifications on our home.

Regardless, never stop improving your property. Look for ways to enhance its appearance for a higher curb appeal in the future.

Do you want more landscaping tips in your home? Check out our other guides and learn more.

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