How To Get Into Formula 1?

How To Get Into Formula 1?

You can find plenty of jobs to do for the Formula 1 community but becoming a driver is probably the best one. Many people don’t know how someone gets into motorsport, but it’s hard like any other sport. You would need to choose what type of vehicle you will be racing with, and formula 1 is the dream for most drivers.

There are also many other races like ally 400, where the drivers will do 300 laps and cover over 300 miles. Becoming a driver is impossible for some people because you need to have certain physical characteristics. But, it is usually a family business because it’s also very expensive if you are starting.

What Does It Take?

Talent and money are the two most important factors you need to consider. You probably had friends that are good at racing games, and the same goes for Formula 1. The driver needs to be talented, and they need to start training from a young age.

Our body is not meant to be under so much pressure, which divers experience while in the formula. Almost every driver loses a few pounds per race, and these few pounds can help them increase speed.

It’s one of the most expensive sports when looking at the equipment price. You won’t be able to fund yourself unless you are a millionaire. Sponsorships are a very important part of the sport, and being a part of the team can help a lot.

License Type

You need to get a certain license even if you aren’t driving the vehicle on the road. To drive these races, you need to have a Super License, which is harder to get than ever. The juniors are usually trying to get one, and only a few racing leagues provide points for getting this license.

A great advantage is to become a part of a driving academy which every team in the industry has. They are very wealthy, and they have the funds to look for new drivers. This is very difficult to achieve, but they provide many benefits for beginners.

Start With Karting

Every karting story is worth telling because there aren’t expensive cards involved and millions being spent on a single driver. Karting is actually a great way to start because you can feel what the steering would look like.

They have a great start speed, and you can make sharp turns which are difficult to handle in the beginning. An average Formula 1 driver started karting from a young age, between 3 and 10. The goal is to get a driving habit early on and work on strength until switching to formula.

Time and Effort

You might have enough money to buy a vehicle and pay for practice, but there’s also a lot of time and effort you need to give. They start young and keep training until they hit the big leagues.

Besides spending time on training, you will need to travel and analyze the racing data. This is the sport where milliseconds matter, and you are looking to save as much time as possible. Most drivers even drop out of school to pursue their careers because it takes a lot of sacrifices.

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