How to Get a Green Lawn: A Guide for Homeowners

Having a beautiful lawn can really transform the look of your entire house. This guide will teach you how to get a green lawn.

Is the old adage that “the grass is always greener on the other side” literally true sometimes? Knowing how to get a green lawn doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. It just requires some sound lawn care advice. 

If your neighbor’s manicured lawn leaves you green with envy, these lawn care tips can help you stand out.

Identify The Type of Grass in Your Yard

Before you head to your neighborhood home improvement store, you’ll want to know what type of grass is predominantly in your yard. Bermuda and Saint Augustine are two common grass varieties. Something as simple as a Google search can help you narrow down what type of grass you already have.

Mow According To Your Grass Type

You’d be surprised how carefully certain varieties of grass have to be mown. Tall Fescues, for example, need to be mowed at a taller height than fine Fescues. If you are unsure, ask an expert.

Mowing the lawn at too low a height can burn your grass and potentially kill the plants entirely. Even if they do survive, they will often turn an unattractive brown or yellow color while they recover.  

Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn opens up small spaces for oxygen to reach your grass’ root system. You can test the soil compaction of your lawn by pushing a six-inch screwdriver into the soil. If you can push it through with ease, then your lawn does not need to be aerated.

If your soil is too compact, you can buy a soil aerator for your lawn. Aerating your lawn should be a yearly habit. The appearance of your residential landscaping can benefit greatly from this simple step. 

Seeding Bare Spots

This is one of our most effective landscaping tips. Filling in bare spots can leave your lawn looking healthy and attractive. Once you know what type of grass you need, buy a bag of seeds from a local home improvement or gardening store.

Spread the seeds evenly over the bare soil before using a rake to break up the soil underneath the seeds. You’ll want the seeds to be lightly covered in soil to ensure that seeds do not blow or wash away. For more great tips lawn tips, visit

Fertilize Your lawn 

Another tip for how to get green grass involves using fertilizer. The two main factors that will determine what type of fertilizer you’ll need are grass variety and the type of rotary spreader that you are using. Fertilizer packages will tell you much square footage each bag can cover.  

Learn More About How To Get A Green Lawn

Know that you know how to get a green lawn, make the tips in this article a regular part of your lawn care. Maintaining a lawn requires continual monitoring of your lawn and spot treatments.

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