How to Find a Reliable Head Shop?

How to Find a Reliable Head Shop?

Head shops are popping up everywhere nowadays, and they all promise the best prices and quality products. But how can you know which one to trust? The best way is to find a head shop that has been around for a while, and then you can check their online presence. Have other people vouched for them? Do they have good feedback from previous buyers? If so, it’s probably worth going with.

Here are factors that can help in your quest to find the head shop you’re looking for.

Ask Friends Who Smoke Weed

You could always ask around to find out which shops are reliable. You can even post on forums or social media sites like Facebook asking for recommendations or sharing that you’re looking to buy a bong, vaporizer, etc. It might be worth creating your own question and sharing it to see what kind of feedback you get.

Check the Range of Products

Some lesser-known head shops are known to sell only a few products. They might have pipes, bongs, grinders, etc., but that’s about it. The more reputable shops have a much larger variety of products, including rolling papers, chillums, e-cigarettes, and even clothing. 

Check Their Location

Some head shops can be found in seedy parts of town where you might not otherwise go. Head shops close to other businesses and hangouts for people who smoke weed are much more reputable than those in rough neighborhoods or industrial zones.

Decent Shipping Times

An important aspect is finding a head shop with reasonable shipping times. If you order something and it takes forever, there’s no point in buying from them. You want your package to arrive as fast as possible so you can use your products. 

Time frame examples:

  • 3–5 days: Decent Shipping Time
  • 1–2 weeks: Longer than average shipping time, not good. You might want to look elsewhere.

A website is beneficial when you need a head shop and don’t know which one will be best for your needs. There are some aspects you can consider to help with this process.

Is there an ‘About Us’ section? Head shops are supposed to be professional, so you should look for some information on the company. If they don’t list their contact information (Email, Phone Number), it’s probably not worth buying from them. Why hide your information if you’re supposed to be honest and trustworthy? 

It’s also good to see if they have any reviews for their head shops. If the company has a lot of positive reviews, it’s most likely worth buying from them. 

Check the Reputation

If there is negative feedback on the web about the head shop you’re looking at, be very careful. It can be challenging to tell if the feedback is honest, but if you read many bad reviews with similar content, it’s probably just best to avoid them.

Is it Legit?

If you’re still not sure after this article, then it might be worth looking up whether or not your head shop is legitimate. If it’s not listed as a legitimate business, then you should avoid buying from them and look elsewhere. You can also check for yourself whether or not they are legitimate by looking up the Company Name on Google.

The head shop should have a professional website and should be easy to contact if you need them for anything at all. Once you find a trustworthy head shop, it’ll make buying from them so much easier!

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