How to Clean Aligners: A Guide

Now that you have your Invisalign, you might be wondering how to clean aligners. Keep reading and learn how it works here.

Did you know that about twenty percent of braces patients are adults? In the past, relatively few adults got braces, but that’s changing thanks to modern teeth-straightening methods like clear aligners. 

One of the benefits of using clear aligners is that they are nearly invisible, making them a discreet option for people of all ages. Yet, if you want to keep them that way, you’ll need to learn how to clean aligners the right way! Doing so will prevent your clear braces from staining or changing colors with use. 

In this post, we’ll explain how to keep your clear aligners looking their best, so keep reading for a step-by-step guide!

1. Remove and Rinse Your Clear Aligners

The first step to keeping your aligners clean is remembering to remove them when you wake up each morning. After a long night of sleep, bacteria build up in your clear aligners, so you’ll want to clean them thoroughly before putting them back in your mouth. 

After removing your aligners, you should rinse them inside and out. Then, use a soft-bristle toothbrush (not the one you brush your teeth with) and clear anti-bacterial soap to scrub all the crevices in your aligners. Just remember not to pressure too much since this can cause scratches on your trays. 

2. Soak Your Aligners Once a Day

The next step for keeping your aligners looking (and smelling) their best is soaking them. Although you can wash them at any time, we recommend doing it during breakfast or another mealtime, so you don’t have to remove them again later. Remember that you should wear your trays about 22 hours a day!  

Most dentists recommend soaking them at least once a day in a cup of water with Invisalign crystals. If you don’t have any of these, you can ask your Invisalign dentist for more information or use denture cleaning tablets instead. 

After giving them a good soak, you should use your soft-bristle toothbrush on the aligners once again and rinse them well.

3. Brush and Floss Your Teeth

Of course, keeping your teeth clean is another important aspect of maintaining clear aligner trays. Moreover, trapped food can stain your trays and cause dental issues. So, before putting your trays back in your mouth, brush and floss your teeth.

4. Put Your Invisalign Braces Back in Your Mouth

Now that your Invisalign trays are sparkling clean, you can put them back in your mouth. But, of course, to keep them that way, you’ll need to take them out when you eat and drink anything besides water. 

And, before you put them back in your mouth, don’t forget to brush your teeth and clean your aligners well. 

Now You Know How to Clean Aligners

After reading this post, you know how to clean aligners like an Invisalign expert! But, if you’re still getting used to your new braces, you may want to save this post so you can refer to it again later. 

And, if you want the best braces advice and oral health tips, browse more dental content on our website!

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