How to Create a Beautiful Budget Bathroom Remodel Plan

Remodeling your home can cost a lot of money, but there are ways to save and improve on a budget. Learn how to create a budget bathroom remodel here.

You love almost everything about your home. The only thing you’re thinking about changing is your bathroom. It’s way too small for your liking. 

You’re also not a fan of the toilet and shower. Putting in new tile walls and flooring would be nice too. The question is, do you have enough money to make all of these sweeping changes? 

As long as you create the right budget bathroom remodel, you should be good to go. We can help you plan for everything, from measuring your space to choosing your fixtures. Check out this guide to learn the ins and outs of remodeling a bathroom. 

Learn Your Bathroom

The first step toward creating a budget bathroom remodel is to learn the ins and outs of the room. Measure the dimensions of your space. 

If you’re working with a half bath, it’s going to be a lot cheaper than rearranging your master bath.

You’ve also got to think about how many changes you want to make. If you just want to do a few cosmetic adjustments, that’s not going to hurt the wallet too much. If you need to completely redo your plumbing, that’s a different story. 

Weigh Your Options

The next thing you need to do is weigh your options. Grab some home renovations catalogs and look at all the different toilets, showers, and flooring materials that you can choose from. 

Visit the stores in person to get a tour of the showrooms. There are tradeshows that you can go to as well. 

Think About the Worth of Your Home

When it comes to bathroom remodel costs, you don’t want them to go over the value of your home. You won’t be able to get the money back when you sell the place. 

Don’t go over more than 10 percent of the total cost of your home. Shoot for 5 if you can. 

Plan for the Unexpected

You’ve got your entire budget bathroom planned out. Everything is going well until the contractors spot something that they have to fix before they can finish the job. That means paying out more money. 

This is a common occurrence when remodeling any room. Unexpected things crop up that make the price skyrocket. We reccomend accounting for these problems by allowing some wiggle room in your budget. 

Consider DIYing Some of It 

If you don’t have the right expertise, we don’t reccomend redoing your bathroom’s plumbing and electrical. 

What you can do is repaint your cabinets and replace the handles and knobs. Doing so will breathe some fresh air into your cabinets, and it’s cheaper than replacing them. What we’re saying here is, DIY what you can to save money on the overall project. 

How to Create the Best Budget Bathroom Remodel 

There’s a lot that goes into creating the best budget bathroom remodel. You’ve got to measure your space, plan for unexpected repairs, and do your homework to choose the best showers and fixtures. 

If you find that you need to save money along the way, consider DIYing some of it, and remember, don’t pay more for your bathroom remodel than you did your home. 

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