5 Solar Energy Fun Facts

Solar power is key to sustainable living, with plenty of pretty cool things to know about it. Check out these solar energy fun facts today.

Florida is third in the nation regarding solar energy as an energy source, powering more than 1 million homes in the Sunshine State. Solar energy helps you save the environment and money! Now is the time to get in on the incredible benefits of using solar energy! 

There are many things to know about this renewable energy source, including its plentiful abundance, tax credits, and overall cost. Powering your home has never been easier!  

Check out these solar energy fun facts and become part of the sustainable electricity revolution.

1. Abundance

In less than two hours each day, the Earth gets enough natural light from the sun’s rays to power everything on the planet for one year! Capturing just a small amount of solar energy can power everything and would eliminate the usage of coal, natural gas, and oil. 

Florida receives more than 230 days of sunlight each year. Its constant sunshine makes it a primary spot to take advantage of solar energy. 

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2. Tax Credits

The federal government wants people to use clean energy, such as solar, to reduce their carbon footprint. Tax credits help incentivize renewable energy source growth and help pay for installation and equipment.  

An accountant can help you maximize your solar energy tax credits.  

3. Cost

Extra power created by your solar energy source goes back to the power grid. The power company pays you in ‘net metering,’ which means you receive money for the power you don’t use. 

Think about all of the extra money you can save over time! You can use that money to pay for your solar energy system or save for retirement.  

4. Home Value

With lasting concerns about a carbon footprint, a home using natural light for power is a significant selling point. You can get more than 4-percent more for your home with solar panels.

Natural light also helps people living off the grid. Power goes out frequently for people living in remote areas. When you use solar energy as an energy source, you never have to rely on the power grid, especially when the power goes out. 

5. Health

Less pollution means healthier air. Far fewer carbon emissions – like smoke and smog – mean people breathe easier. Fossil fuels are some of the most significant air pollutants.

More solar energy means you can lessen the effects of asthma and bronchitis. Minimizing these problems leads to lower healthcare costs.  

Five Solar Energy Fun Facts

There are several solar energy fun facts that you should know about, including understanding the abundance of solar energy, tax credits, and overall costs. Your home value will increase with solar power; solar energy is also good for your health.

Do you want to learn more about why solar energy is good for Floridians? Keep reading our website to learn how you can become a part of the future. Solar power for your home or business can brighten your day! 

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