How to Buy Clothes for Your Kids That Will Last

How to Buy Clothes for Your Kids That Will Last

If there’s one minefield that all parents can agree with, it’s buying the right clothes for your kids. Of course, kids need clothes – and lots of them! When you factor in how fast they grow, it can feel as though you’re constantly updating their wardrobe.

Regardless of what age your brood are, here are some useful tips on how to buy clothes for your kids that will last.

Look for High-Quality Fabrics

We don’t need to tell you that kids are incredibly active! As they grow up, they love to explore and be adventurous. Because of this, you need to purchase clothing that is relatively durable, especially for day-to-day use. Clothing made of good quality fabric doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. You don’t need to shop designer to get the right garments. Just make sure to feel the fabric before you buy. You’ll need to check whether it’s thick and durable. Should you hold the fabric up to the light and find it looks a little transparent, this signals it may not be good quality.

Pick Clothes That Have Multiple Functions

Multifunctional clothes mean you’ll get more wear and value from them. Whether it’s a pyjama top that doubles up as a t-shirt, or a reversible jacket or coat, these pieces are brilliant for your child’s wardrobe and will stand the test of time. You can buy leggings too that can double up as tights. The possibilities are truly endless!

Stick to the Basics

Fast fashion is a cash-in on the idea we always need to be buying the next best thing. However, great designs will last years and years, not a matter of weeks! Something as simple as a single colour or good stripe won’t ever go out of fashion. It’s always best to think long-term, rather than buying things that may be ‘in’ right now. You can’t go wrong with single colour clothing or a checked shirt. Regarding the latter, check out kids’ oxford shirt collection at the Oxford Shirt Company. They have a range of kidswear that will introduce your brood to the world of good dressing early.

Check the Seams

Whenever you pick up new clothes for your kids, make sure to always check the seams first! This is because a poorly finished seam and loose stitches indicate signs of a poorly made clothing item. You’ll find this piece won’t last very long. In fact, after just a couple of washes and wears, it may need to be thrown away! When the seams are tight, this should give you confidence it’s good quality and long-lasting.

Avoid Clothing That Can Irritate Skin

Whatever clothes you buy for your children, you’ll want them to feel comfortable in them. Sure, a t-shirt or jumper may look pretty, but it may cause discomfort. If your child has a skin condition, you’ll need to be extra careful with the material of their clothes.

Taking on board the clever clothes shopping tips above can help you purchase outfits that have longevity. When you’re savvy with what clothes you buy for your kids, this will help you get the most out of your money.

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